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The case of the tuned Priore: the Supreme court’s decision

The resident of Tomsk refused to register the tuned car, although the technical certificate he had. The owner of the traffic police disagreed, and to resolve this issue had in the Supreme court.

We will remind that the inhabitant of Tomsk Alexander Kilin “pumped” his Lada Priora: made a new kit, put the disc brakes, larger diameter wheels, lowered springs and trim on the exhaust pipe. After that, he designed the technical certificate and the documents handed over to the police. But there found them insufficient and questioning the security of the updated vehicle, turned on the manufacturer. From there came the answer: since there has been testing of converted car, I can not guarantee that the changes did not affect its security.

The owner felt that the traffic police had exceeded its authority by contacting the factory. He believes that because they were given the necessary registration documents, the car was put on record. The plant is not the certifying authority and any business will always be against self-alterations to the standard car.

In court, the owner of the Priory challenged it the police treatment of the plant, believing that they thus exceeded their powers.

In a court neither the claimant nor his representative did not attend, so the case was considered without them. Board on administrative disputes of the armed forces ruled in favor of the state. Moreover, the appeal to the manufacturer generally in consideration were not taken, a failure of the traffic police, the court decided, was based on the fact that the plaintiff initially presented documents do not correspond to reality. It is on this basis, the traffic police refused to register the car, asking to replace the documents. Thus, the plaintiff mistakenly assumed that the treatment plant was the reason for the refusal.

The car, the design of which changes are made, you need to be certified according to the rules, without that its registration is prohibited. It is regulated by the technical regulations of the Customs Union and the registration rules, approved by order of the Ministry of interior, which allow including the appeal to the manufacturer, the panel noted. In the end, after validation of actions of inspectors of the Tomsk branch of the traffic police, the interior Ministry asked Kilin again bring a conclusion to the certification lab. Which he did, after all, a week before the meeting of the Collegium of the Supreme court coveted certificate of vehicle registration with current changes in the structure of the vehicle.

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