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The chief designer of AVTOVAZ Steve Mattin about the universal Lada Vesta

One of the main market Prime this year will be wagons Lada Vesta and Vesta SW SW Cross. On the eve of the first official show of the couple I spoke with chief designer Steve Mattin.

Steve, when Vesta was not on the conveyor in Togliatti showed me three pre-production prototypes: a sedan, five-door hatchback and wagon. And after a while from the hatchback, it was decided to refuse in favour of the universal. It does not hurt?

I think we made the right move, combining in one machine the advantages of the hatchback and station wagon. Because our SW Vesta’s no accident that strong slope of the rear glass and this dynamic roof line: it’s like a hatchback stretched to the length of the sedan. That’s why there’s the usual estate car Lada almost vertical back wall!

— It is difficult to harness in one cart horse and quivering DOE?

— Yes, this car is not easy to do — with his character, practical and at the same time elegant. It was difficult to find a good balance between the front part of the machine and back to the car didn’t look like something created by different people and woven from separate pieces, and were whole, as if “drawn” with one hand. So much attention was paid to the balance of lines, fine details, decorative elements.

— Whose hand is this?

— It is impossible to distinguish any one. In the beginning of the process is always a lot of ideas, but through the narrow funnel of the selection are only the most successful. We wanted to make a dynamic, fun car with youth in nature, so mixed ideas for the best result.

— What is notable for the appearance of the wagon?

One of the fundamental ideas were sloping roof, and we visually severed from the main body. The back stand is made in the form of a shark fin deployed against the move. Visually this further lowers the roof and makes the silhouette even more rapidly. And I very nice continuation of our design x ideas. We have the IKS in the radiator grille, there is an x-shaped punch on the side — and now the roof line, starting from the outer mirrors and a shark fin form a kind of airy, elegant IKS. And this is the most interesting graphic element.

— But the drop-down, the roof eats up usable internal volume…

— We wanted to create a beautiful and roomy car, not a van, able to take everything. If you want to carry the maximum cargo, need another car like the Largus.

— With whom it was more difficult to negotiate with marketers or technologists?

Designers do not work in a vacuum. You have to consider the requirements of experts in aerodynamics, technologists, marketers, Department of planning… But we are not in conflict and cooperate. Of course, our main objective is beautiful design. And sometimes it is difficult to achieve absolute desired result because the need to consider a lot of requirements on the technology and cost of production, in terms of capacity, aerodynamics, and so on. We are constantly in search of the most successful compromise.

And did you find it?

We did two cars to be proud of. We were able to successfully “renew” line of Vesta sedan, to coordinate various design solutions in a single ensemble, to harmonize the appearance to balance all lines. I was especially pleased that SW Cross in appearance very close to the prototype Vesta Cross Concept that we introduced in 2015. It is no secret that to preserve the original ideas in a serial machine is not always possible. Two years ago many said: Yes, we want a car just like this! The wait is long, soon both the wagon will go in the series. And already this year will begin selling.

The chief designer of AVTOVAZ Steve Mattin about the universal Lada Vesta

Photo: AVTOVAZ and “Behind the wheel”

The chief designer of AVTOVAZ Steve Mattin about the universal Lada Vesta

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