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The circle is more important — came into force amendments to the SDA

The driver traveling on the crossroads of equivalent roads, shall give way to vehicles travelling in a circle. The amendments entered into force on November 8, seven days after their publication.

Recall again: the new edition of traffic regulations at the intersection indicated by the sign “circular motion”, the driver entering the circle must yield to everyone who is on it moves. If the roundabout signs were installed priority or traffic lights, the traffic on it is carried out in accordance with their requirements.

Thus in the rules of the road standardized driving directions of roundabouts. Still there were the following rule: if the sign “circular motion” hanging sign “give way”, then entering yield to those who already rides in a circle, but if the sign “give way” was not, it was a rule right of interference. This has confused car owners, some thought that the priority in 2010 was given to those already on the circle. But then the rules changed only partially, be guided still had the sign “give way”. But even those car owners who clearly knew the rules and were not sure that they remember the neighbors in the thread, so the circle remains for all area of increased attention and the potential accident site.

  • In addition, today there is a special road markings “Area of intersection”, or as it have nicknamed in the people “waffle iron”. This means that this area is prohibited to enter if you are on the road congestion. The penalty for this violation is one thousand rubles.
  • At the time we conducted the survey on the site, how the owners feel about having to make the traffic rules on round one. Most readers supported this idea.

Photo: Sergei Vdovin/TASS

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