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The city with the cheapest autotorino — check your!

The average price of a car in the secondary market in the country last year amounted to 412 thousand rubles.Elena Alekseeva


For the armored car from the TV series “Police with the ruble” asking for 5.5 million rubles

Model Frets the national average last year cost less than 150 thousand rubles, in General, the weighted average price of used cars amounted to 412 thousand, figured out the analysts of “Avito Avto”, examined the base VIN.

About 10% of transactions on the secondary market was in Moscow and about 5% in St. Petersburg. 21 largest city, which is considered in the study, had even 25% of nationwide sales figures.

The most affordable car offered in Omsk — the average 325 thousand rubles, and also in Ulyanovsk (351 thousand rubles) and in Volgograd (374 thousand rubles). After Moscow (679 thousand rubles) and St. Petersburg (552 thousand rubles), the highest average prices observed in Krasnodar (530 thousand rubles).

Last year the most actively bought cars for the middle class (With, To 29.3%), In class (27,1%) and crossovers (18.7 per cent). In fourth place is the large family car (D, 7,5%), the remaining segments accounted for 17.4% of the market.

Average price of a car of middle class with mileage in the country amounted to slightly less than 234 thousand roubles, and a car of the class B — 265 thousand, crossover — 827 thousand, and family cars class D — 410 thousand rubles.

Top 5 most popular brands in the market of cars with mileage included VAZ (Lada) — 27.7 per cent, Hyundai at 5.5%, Toyota is 5.4%, Kia — 4.8%, and Volkswagen 4.6%, respectively.

Well, the leader model “tens” expected was prior — to the average price of 221 thousand rubles (3.8% market share). In second place was Lada Samara — 105 thousand rubles (3.1%), and the third Ford Focus — 344 thousand (2.6 percent). The top five also got Lada Kalina — 192 thousand (2,6%) and VAZ-2110 — 75 100 rubles (2,2%).

  • About the most decent sedans with mileage in the secondary market for 500 thousand rubles, says our author.


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