The clash of times. In Vinnytsia trolleybus caught up with Tesla electric car

In the winery of the trolley didn’t work, neither the autopilot nor the driver, resulting in electric transport moved aft Tesla Model S.

It is difficult to say whether worked the autopilot in the Tesla, but the bus didn’t work, nothing, when large electric beads crashed into the rear bumper of an expensive electric vehicle. Nonetheless, it is difficult to explain such a meeting of different classes of electric vehicles on the same road in the provincial city of Ukraine. But information about the accident confirmed in Vinnytsia transport company, reports Autogeek.

The head of the security service of the movement “VTK” Nicholas Franco reported that the electric car escaped with minor injuries. At the scene working employees of the insurance company and the police.

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The police said that the culprit is the driver of the trolley, which did not adhere to the course. It was drawn up. Judging from the situation, a public transport driver was so impressed by the presence of electric cars in the city that did not notice that touched him closely.

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Recall that recently the driver of the Tesla hit a bump. The culprit acknowledged the autopilot of the car.

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