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The correct drivers should be rewarded. Purple rooms

With the proposal to introduce badges for drivers who observe all traffic regulations, made by the expert in the field of driving skills.Alexander Khlynov


The UN found the reasons for the high mortality on the roads of Russia

The observance of traffic rules should be encouraged, including giving them the insignia, the General Director of the Academy of driving skills, avtosportservis Alexander Kaminsky.

The expert noted the importance of the motivation system, including the intangible, so that, in his opinion, drivers do not violate traffic rules, even if Russia will cancel all fines. For this to be built a whole system of incentives, consisting of a number of aspects.

“First, is the promotion of traffic safety awareness necessary drivers. They need to understand why they should abide by the rules. Should be taught the proper respect for the rules. Propaganda should be superimposed positive motivation”, — quotes the words of NSN Kaminsky.

He noted that the motivation already comes from insurance companies that provide substantial discounts to good drivers.

“You can give the purple room, for example, those who do not violates. Or a sticker on the glass. Or a portrait of somewhere to publish. And all at once I will tell, good for you! And admired,” suggests the expert.

I can give distinctions, but respect, Alexander said. It could be some benefits for Parking or travel, as well as reduced vehicle tax that has long been proposed to make against those who do not violate traffic rules.

  • The new draft Cao, which criticized Prime Minister Mishustin, offers to deal with violations increased several times by penalties.


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