The Creator of the “hammer” is suing a computer game

Pcause – misuse of the image of this SUV in the popular computer game Call of Duty. In the company say that the popularity of computer bestseller secured “only by AM General and consumers who have been deceived and believed that AM General is somehow connected with the game and participates in their creation”.

Note that the Call of Duty series, launched in 2003, is the largest franchise in the world. Only in 2016 the sales of games Activision Blizzard Inc over 250 million copies, bringing the company revenues in excess of $15 billion.

However, AM General also not poor — at the moment in the U.S. armed forces used about 230 000 Humvee. The company does and the release of the civilian version of the SUV worth $ 60,000, which supplies no power units.

Anyway, “good” disputants failed to agree and now all will solve court. The specific amount is not yet known, but AM General requires Activision Blizzard Inc compensation of damages three times the amount, as well as a large fine is to teach it.

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