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The Creator of the most ugly BMW gets in on the Chinese

The famous American designer Chris Bangle, a half dozen years worked as chief designer of BMW, unveiled its new eccentric project. By order of the Chinese firm CHTC Motor he did with the body for the urban electric REDS, in which to live.

Designer Chris Bangle on the background of his new brainchild — the Chinese electric car REDS.Designer Chris Bangle on the background of his new brainchild — the Chinese electric car REDS.

Orthodox fans of the brand BMW can not without a shudder to recall the name Chris bangle and will never forgive him terrible, in their opinion, seven-generation E65, published in the early 2000s.

The Bavarian firm Bangle left in 2009 and founded in Italy the own design-Studio CBA (Chris Bangle Associates). One of the clients of CBA has become the automobile division of Chinese state industrial Corporation CHTC (China Hi-Tech Corporation), who is forced to support given by the Communist party and the government’s policy of electrification of all wheeled transport in the country. Green project of city electric REDS — one of many, but it obviously is planned to promote the and outside China: presentation of the machine was held this week in the USA, in California, on the eve of the motor show in Los Angeles.

The REDS acronym stands for Revolutionary Electric Dream Space, which can be translated as “a revolutionary electric dream space”. Outside REDS reminiscent of a newspaper stall on wheels, drawn and painted by children with the makings of the artist Pablo Picasso is a very eccentric and peculiar appearance! Begemotnaya “seven” BMW E65 against “the Reds” seems to be the height of elegance!

Meanwhile that is, in the opinion of the bangle, should look like a modern city car. Good aerodynamics don’t really need him, because of the speed and distance of movement is small, but excellent visibility and highly efficient use of the modest dimensions of (length of 2.97 m) should allow the Chinese automaker to success.

The windshield and rear glass of the electric vehicle installed with a negative slope, to create in the cabin a shadow and eliminate glare on the instrument panel. Flat roof mounted solar Autonomous power system of a microclimate, doors, flat and sliding, they should be easy to use in tight urban space.

The machine is able to take a trip four passengers, however, the reason for the “Reds”, according to the concept, not the point! The electric car should be to its owner’s alternative habitat, mobile home on wheels in which to work, relax and chat with friends. On the folding table can be put the laptop and the front seats fold and turn in the stirrups so in the rear seats can recline and play computer games on a 17-inch monitor. The last part performs the role of instrument: while riding, he goes 2/3 into the bowels of the front panel, so as not to restrict driver visibility.

On the technical characteristics is not yet known nothing, except that they will be “best in class”. It is also reported that a strong force structure of the body will allow the electric car to fit into the most stringent safety standards, that is to obtain the maximum Euro NCAP ratings and the IIHS. When production starts, doesn’t seem to know yet even the Chris Bangle: REDS — it is at the moment only an alpha prototype.

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The Creator of the most ugly BMW gets in on the Chinese


The Creator of the most ugly BMW gets in on the Chinese

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