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The deputies did not want to increase the fine for illegal tint

A bill providing for severe punishment of toning of glasses of cars does not correspond to the technical regulations and GOST was submitted to the Duma in 2015.

This is probably the most long-suffering document, toughening penalties for drivers. Prepared it even in 2015, the Chairman of the Committee on constitutional law and author of most of the amendments to the “driving” part of the Cao Vyacheslav Lysakov.

Initially, he assumed not only a significant increase in fines and the possibility of deprivation of the driving license for repeated violation. The bill received a negative opinion of the legal Department of the government, where such a measure was considered redundant.

As a result, by the spring of 2016 Lysakov rewrote the bill, the increased fines: 1500 rubles for the first violation (3 times more than today) and 5,000 rubles for repeated (10 times more). The need to increase fines, the MP argued that once the police stopped to remove the license plate as a security measure, drivers have become an epidemic be tinted “not standard”. Several times Vyacheslav Lysakov has carried his bill for discussion within the Committee, but before consideration in plenary meeting, the matter never reached.

In the end, the Committee recommends to deputies to reject the bill. And he and Vyacheslav Lysakov don’t mind. How to write “Izvestia”, he says that after numerous edits, it is impossible to obtain the opinion of the government, since among the authors of the current bill appeared authors who have not passed in the current convocation of the state Duma.

Now Vyacheslav Lysakov promises to prepare a new draft law that should be reviewed before the end of the spring session. However, the same forecast it gave two years ago.

  • This year 6 times may increase the penalty for lack of insurance and return the penalty for failing a mandatory inspection.
  • And in the state Duma proposed to reward law-abiding drivers who observe traffic rules.

Photo: Pavel Smertin/TASS

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