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The dictatorship of white cars in Turkmenistan has banned coloured cars

The owners of black and multi-colored cars have to be repainted for their money.

In Turkmenistan, cars of all colors, except white, was removed to the car pound. Initially, the country’s capital Ashgabat has banned only the black car to the city day which will be may 25. But now the law has extended to other areas and colors of vehicles.

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First, the residents of Ashgabat were selling cars of dark colors in other areas, however, are now forced to repaint them and re-pass all stages of registration, according to “Chronicles of Turkmenistan”.

Employees of traffic police stop cars and ordered drivers to drive them away and impounded and repaint. For insubordination threatened with deprivation of driver’s licenses. Formal orders about the ban, they can not provide. “Pay off” from the police can be for 100 manats (about $ 30), but it is valid to the next stop by the police.

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In addition, after the incredible demand for the white color of the car and repainting the car, the price of this service has increased significantly and the paint became scarce. The average cost of painting is 18 000 manat is $5 143 at the official rate (3.5 manat per $1) or $1 125 for the course “the black market” (16 AZN for $1). Cheaper paint in small private garages, but there will be less quality paint from China.

But the painting is just the beginning, because after that the car owner must go through a complicated procedure of re-registration of the vehicle. And also check for speeding and to write a statement of voluntary repainting the car.

“In General, the process of registration of documents covered and messy. However, another option owners have no cars”, – reported in the publication.

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It is believed that this initiative comes from the President of the country Gurbanguly Berdimuhamedov, as white is his favorite color.

Ultimately, the residents of Ashgabat and most of the drivers of Turkmenistan needs to change to white cars until may 25, 2018.

Recall that in Dagestan the company Hyundai was involved in a strange trial. Russian distributor of Hyundai, OOO “Hyundai Motor CIS” has encountered a fraud attempt, which probably involved the arbitral Tribunal (TC).

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