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The driver managed brilliantly to bring a race car out of a severe skid

The incident occurred during the race on the track brands hatch (UK), which had previously adopted the “Formula-1”.

Participant of the championship, VAG Trophy, pilot Kenan the Dole, managed to save your racing Volkswagen Golf after a series of skids and back in the race however he collided with another racer.
Dole was leading the race, but in one of the corners he lost control of the vehicle. Golf several times skidded at high speed, while the pilot tried to get back on track. He regained control of the car. However, he still crashed into going ahead of the coupe Audi TT.

Racer posted on Twitter a video of the incident from a camera installed in the car.

Bit of fun from race 1!
— Kenan Dole (@KmdRacing) 5 Aug 2017

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