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The driver of the Mercedes squashed the girl from the Parking

To full frenzy came the driver expensive foreign cars in the fight for a Parking space in one of the Moscow courts. Shocking battle took video of the residents of apartment buildings.

The incident occurred on March 5, his exact location is not yet established. In the video, which circulated a Telegram-channel Mash, you can see how in the yard of inhabited high-rise building is a dispute over Parking: two cars stood opposite each other, and their drivers find out the relationship. At some point the man in the black Mercedes went to RAM, despite the fact that between the cars was the girl who rode on a white car. The driver of the Mercedes clipped a motorist between two cars, the woman uttered a heart-rending cry. Shocked resident of the flats, became a witness to this horror, says over: “Lord, have mercy.” Subsequently, the Mercedes fled the scene. On the status of women at the moment nothing is known.

The Investigative Committee of Moscow on the fact of publication of video of the conflict on the Network being tested.

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Video: YouTube

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