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The fastest cars and best drivers to go to, “Motorexpo”

At the beginning of December in Moscow will host an exhibition which will showcase the teams and pilots racing teams, the fastest machine, manufacturers of equipment and technology, and more.

The exhibition will not only get acquainted with the latest developments from the world of Motorsport, but also to gain knowledge: the strongest racers of the country will hold for everyone master classes and share their sports experiences with newcomers. And for fans of Motorsport “, Motorexpo” will be a unique opportunity to communicate personally and ask all the questions to the racers.

The separate exposition of the exhibition will be devoted to retrotechie, which will allow to trace the evolution of racing cars and motorcycles from their appearance to the present day.

Well, the organizers of the largest Russian racing series will talk about preparing for the next season, changes and innovations that have already come and to appear.

The exhibition Motorexpo Next/”Motorexpo” will be held on 2 and 3 December in Moscow ECC “Sokolniki”.

The fastest cars and best drivers to go to, “Motorexpo”the fastest cars and best drivers to go to, “Motorexpo”

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