The first electrocreaser Audi without brakes (VIDEO)

In contrast to the presented three years ago of the concept, the commercial version of the Audi e-tron, will receive two electric motors instead of three – one for each axle. Two asynchronous unit developing 265 kW (360 HP) and 561 Nm of torque. And in the so-called boost-mode for eight seconds, the power plant produces 300 kW (408 HP) and 664 Nm.

Acceleration of crossover to hundreds less than six seconds with a top speed electronically limited at around 200 kilometers per hour. The battery capacity of 95 kWh will provide a cruising range on a single charge, more than 400 km cycle WLTP.

Audi said that more than 90% of the maneuvers associated with the slowing down, the driver will have to press on the brake pedal — electric vehicle is able to rapidly slow down at sharp reset of the accelerator pedal.

This was made possible thanks to the advanced system of kinetic energy recovery, which involves two electric motors and electro-hydraulic brake system. There are three modes of system operation: manual recuperation when coasting with podrulevyh petals, automatic recovery with the help of a predictive computer program and recovery with a smooth transition from braking motors classic brake pedal. The company claims that the new system is able to return to the battery up to 30% of the initial amount of energy.

Testing of the system of energy recovery took place during the descent from pikes Peak (USA, California), where every year takes place the famous “Race to the clouds”. On the site length of 31 km and difference in height of about 1900 m the prototype test was able to recover the battery enough energy to iterate over this range.

World premiere electric crossover Audi e-tron will take place on 18 September at a special event in San Francisco. The motors for the production model has already begun to produce at the new plant in Gyor (Hungary) and the car itself will be assembled in Brussels (Belgium).

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