The first real car sharing in Kiev chose the cars Ravon

The correspondent of our source present at the ceremonial handing over of keys to the first 30 cars Ravon R2 company “TSM inter-Avto” for an organization new to Kiev, services of car – sharing. Its based on the European model, we have launched the company “Geomancer”. How it will work, why chose Ravon and how much it costs? – we also learned. Literally “car-share” is sharing the ride. But not like in a taxi or in a rental car. Car sharing offered by the company “Geomancer” is a fleet of cars, one of which you can take some time and riding to get the car back, leaving it where it suits you. Moreover, a search of the car, and its lock/release, and payment are made from your smartphone. It’s more convenient than the rent, because you pay only for the time during which actually use the car.

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Sounds, of course, fantastic for both of us. However, on Tuesday 28 November, the company “TSM inter-Avto” – official dealer of Ravon on Balzac in the presence of the General Director of distributor company “Ukr-Uzavto” Farhod Abdullayev conveyed to the operator of car sharing “Geomancer” the keys to the first 30 cars Ravon R2. And it was not fiction.

Why Ravon?

The head of the company “Geomancer” Taras Hetman told the correspondent of our source, that in fact, among the contenders there were other car brand. But only Ravon R2 has successfully passed the whole test Suite. According to Mr. Hetman, first they raised the price of the car itself and the cost of its maintenance. But then the pros were even more. Experts operator of car sharing has carefully studied R2 in the showroom “TSM inter-Auto” official dealer of Ravon on Balzac and had a test drive. And to make a final decision, one Ravon R2 was purchased and on it in different conditions otezdil 4 months. It was leased to customers and then collected their feedback. It turned out that Ravon R2 fully met all expectations. Taras Hetman thanked the company “TSM inter-Avto” for professionalism, competent approach to the customer and assist in the launch of this new service.

Director of the “TSM inter-Avto”, Nicholas Operenko thanked “Geomancer” for choosing their dealership, and added that to become a supplier for the first operator of car-share has helped them and correct policy of the distribution company “Ukr-Uzavto” and personally General Director Farkhod Abdullayev for corporate clients. That Ravon was chosen as the vehicle for car-share has helped a flexible system of cooperation with corporate clients. By the way, Nicholas Operenko invited other corporate clients to verify the effectiveness of this program in “TSM inter-Avto”.

The significance of this achievement for the brand Ravon said and who was present at the ceremony of handing over keys Ambassador of the Republic of Uzbekistan to Ukraine Alisher Abdualiev. He told our source that these tests were a serious test for Ravon. And the car they withstood. And quality, and at reasonable operating costs.

According to Taras Hetman, another serious argument in favor of Ravon R2, in addition to reasonable prices and operating costs, have become automatic transmission. Automatic transmission has greatly expanded audience of potential users of car sharing. In R2 there is air conditioning, and power Windows. In addition, the size of the R2 is very well suited for manoeuvring and Parking on crowded city streets.

With a selection of Ravon understood, and how will car sharing work in practice?

How does the Ukrainian car-share?

We must begin, perhaps, with the fact that the company “Geomancer” extensive experience in the rental business for over 12 years. Classic hire is now available not only in several cities of Ukraine, but also in several countries. Therefore, working on the project car-sharing, here summarized both European and local Ukrainian experience.

And if in detail then in Kiev (a car sharing initially kicks off in the capital) will be two zones. One – big – within which you can easily move on Ravon R2. This Kiev, and small suburban cities and villages such as Cherry or Concha Zaspa (area of use). Another area less. In the conventional square You can take and leave the car (the area of the beginning and end of the car-share). Yes, Yes, write anywhere, even under your house. Except for private yards, where a stranger enters and similar places with limited access.

In order to find a car nearby, you need to download the special smartphone app and register. Enter your information and attach photo of driver’s license, passport and payment card details. According to Mr. Hetman, registration takes only 5 minutes late must be approved by the company (verification of documents) that will not be more than 48 hours. So much time is required to check the entered data. After this, you can safely use car sharing. And do not need to be mandatory to come to the office “Geomancer” and stand there in the queue.

So. On your smartphone find a car nearby. From your smartphone (up to 100 m away) unlock it. The keys, car documents and insurance are in. And you can go anywhere. And then to leave the car where you want (within designated areas). All cars are insured by CASCO and CTP.

There are several tariffs. From 4.2 UAH. to 6 grn. minute per minute rate. 50-60 UAH. per hour at the time. And 990 UAH. per day with paid petrol for 200 km. Any rate includes the cost of fuel.

In addition to the car is not taken by someone else while you go to it, it can be booked for 20 minutes. At that time, he will disappear from smartphones of other user, like a free car. Your booking for free. And to put your booking on car 3 times a day. Or 3 times to renew if you do not have time. Then turns on the rate of time – 99 kopecks a minute.

And another interesting point: the new car-sharing can earn ordinary citizens. How? You can purchase the Ravon R2 and give it to the management “Geomancer”. So your car will be sharing and start making money for you. Return promise for 3 years.

As it became known to our source, the official car sharing from “Geomancer” will start work at the beginning of January 2018. By this time in the capital’s fleet will have 100 Ravon R2. According to Mr. Hetman, all the benefits of car sharing unfold, when the number of sharing cars – cars 1000 to 1 million residents. So the company “Geomancer” cars and Ravon – big opportunities.

As the Director of the “TSM inter-Avto” Nicholas Operenko: Now potential buyers Ravon the opportunity to try the car in any point of the city.

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