The first Tesla Model 3 got Elon musk

Aboutthis in his Twitter announced founder and CEO Elon Musk, adding a couple of photos of a fully production model. Initially, the right to the first car belonged to a member of the Board of Directors of Tesla Ira to Erenpreisa, however, he gave way to a Mask in honor of his 46 years, celebrated at the end of June.

Previously, Musk said that the first 30 copies of Model 3 will be delivered to customers on July 28, and then the production volumes will grow in “geometric progression”. If in August from the conveyor will descend 100 cars, and in September 1500 by December 2017, Tesla plans to produce 20,000 cars per month.

According to preliminary data, to the first “hundred” electric sedan can accelerate in 5.6 seconds, and the range will be 350 miles. Later there will be a version with batteries with a capacity of 80 kWh, with which the machine can travel without recharging up to 480 km. Just the novelty will be about hundreds of possible configurations.

Thanks to its affordable price (from $ 35,000), Model 3 long before the issue became a cause of excessive demand — at the moment the number of pre-orders is about 400 thousand. In 2019 on the basis of the Tesla Model 3 will be released in affordable compact crossover, which will be called the Model Y. the company expects to 2021 to increase the overall sales of electric cars to one million cars annually.

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