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The forgotten child, lost shoes… — the strange calls from SOS phones

On toll roads in Russia operates a separate service — ossp (United system of toll collection). Its mission (in addition to collect money from us) is to provide we fast, comfortable and, most importantly, safe way. For this, the operators receive disturbing calls and gratitude, respond to complaints and “sensitive issues”…“Behind the wheel”

By 1 October, the service received almost 8.5 thousand calls. Peak season is traditionally considered the summer. As a rule, drivers are asking questions about payment assistance, transponders, traffic, car breakdowns and evacuation… But there is in the statistics and the category of “sensitive issues” — it get unusual treatment. We chose the most bizarre.

The meeting place cannot be changed

Winter evening 2017 with SOS phone on 355 km of highway M-4 “don” received a call: the user asked to help arrange a meeting. He went from Moscow and was on the way to transfer important documents to the person from Lipetsk. They phoned and arranged to determine the location sent later. However, the user’s phone died, and the meeting was under threat. But the man kept his head and saw the terminal for emergency communication, decided to request help from the operator. Employee ossp found a way out — got in touch with another user and arranged a meeting at the junction on the 357-kilometer.

Shoe for Cinderella

Requests to find lost objects comes up pretty often. Sometimes it be suitcases, sometimes separate things. Once in the customer service Department called the girl asking to find her shoes, or rather, one of sneakers. Having left the toll road, she stopped in the Parking lot to the shoes, but forgot to collect sports shoes. After 400 km I remembered about the disappearance and appealed for help to the emergency commissioners. Employees ossp sneaker was found and returned to the modern “Cinderella”. Try not had.

Night. Street. Lantern. Child

It happens that the operators accept and eerie calls. For example, the fall in service received a call from the road — the emergency phone number on the 371 km of the highway M-4 “don”. On the other end of the phone heard a frightened child’s voice. The child told that his parents had left him and gone, and it froze and doesn’t know what to do.

Ossp staff immediately took the child away — he was dressed in shorts and a t-shirt and could get hypothermia and was taken to the nursery police. Parents quickly found and returned. It turned out that the car had a quarrel, and the adults decided to “punish” the son drove it on the road.

Anomalous zone

Once the user has shared with the operators observation: when he passes through the area from 348 to 410 km high-speed road M-4 “don”, the weather is always bad. Every time he is on this site in the winter, snow and summer, spring and fall — rain and fog will form. Alert driver noticed that the information Board, which displays warnings about the weather conditions is good but not enough. He suggested that a top management staff of the Ministry will be able to affect the weather. And the disorder. He never called, apparently the result of interference of the MES it was arranged.

Dangerous hobby

The unusual call came from a 355-th km of highway M-4 “don”: the man asked me to take him off the road because he was lost. The man flew a paraglider from the Moscow region, but got carried away and flew quite far, hungry and landed. Usually in similar situations it took the wife on the car, but it turned out that this time he got on the territory of the Expressway. Emergency Commissioner ossp quickly took the balloonist and took him to the station where he was waiting for his wife.

Russian fast and furious

One day she called with an interesting offer. She said that for a long time uses a toll road M-11 “Moscow-St. Petersburg” and the quality of her completely satisfied, she just doesn’t understand why the line is not used for racing. She suggested the concept and title for this event — rally “Petal.”

Just in case! If a toll road you that something has happened, call emergency commissioners ossp for free phones: for M-11 — *2011 on M3*2033 and M-4 — *2044.

  • Rules of behavior based on the information and survival tips, read here.

Photo: ITAR-TASS/ Mikhail Japaridze

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