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The founder of one of the largest auto dealers in Russia wanted

After the June raids in dealerships “Rolf” it seemed that the situation had calmed down and moved to the stage of the workflow. Today, however, the court announced that the next sanctions to the owner of the company and top managers.Elena Alekseeva


In dealerships “Rolf” in Moscow and St. Petersburg is being searched (Update)

So, the founder of the automaker, “Rolf” Sergei Petrov, accused of illegal withdrawal of money, today announced the international wanted list. It is known that a billionaire lives in Austria now and homeland has no plans to return what he has said in numerous interviews.

“I will not return to the country until the criminal case is closed. Austria will not give me as its citizen,” said Petrov “Interfax” today.

In absentia arrested eks-the General Director of “Rolf”, Tatiana Lukovetskaya. Basmanny court of Moscow satisfied the petition of the investigation and imposes her guilt that she, as the top Manager of the company, signed the documents for the money transfer. However, she also does not live in Russia — according to unconfirmed reports, is now in Spain. He was also arrested the CEO of a Cyprus company “Anabel limited” George Kafkasia. Her remanded in custody for two months since extradition to Russia, but its role in the alleged scheme are still unclear.

The Director of Department of development of business “Rolf” Anatoly Cairo extended the house arrest, which he is serving in Russia.

All charges revolve around a case — output Petrov abroad 4 billion by selling himself stock company “Rolf estate” for repeatedly overpriced.

The defendants deny guilt. It is unclear how these prosecutions affect the activity of “Rolf” in Russia, but hardly in a positive way.

Photo: Anton Vaganov/TASS

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