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The government will introduce discounts for electric vehicles

The authorities plan to stimulate the market for electric vehicles by reducing the tax payments

The Ministry of infrastructure, particularly in the face of the head of Department Alexander Ozerin, plans a strategy for the market development of electric cars in Ukraine. In the framework of the project the Ministry plans to initiate the introduction of the mechanism of tax credits and the abolition of payments to the pension Fund in registration of electric vehicles, reports AutoConsalting.

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“When we speak about stimulation of demand for electric cars, we see that after the abolition of excise duty and VAT on the import of electric cars in January 2018 were registered 793 of the electric vehicle. Whereas for the whole of last year – about 2,500 electric vehicles. One month in Ukraine sold a third of the volume of last year. It’s very fast,” – said the official.

The tax credit will cover 18% of the cost of the car. The buyer pays the full cost, and tax service compensates for these percentages. Plus at check of the electric vehicle provided by 5%, which is also scheduled to cancel. All this adds up to 22-23% discount. And if it does the decision on cancellation of VAT payment is more than up to 2019, it is as much as 40% lower than the current cost of the machine.

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In Ukraine, the electric vehicles may be exempt from import taxes

The official noted that the Ministry finalised the 15-year development strategy of the electric car market in Ukraine and is ready to submit the bill for consideration to the Verkhovna Rada. About a month will be required for all approvals in committees, and then wait for the results of the vote.

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