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The GPS function in the DVR — you don’t need it

Browse the cheapest DVRs was much discussion on the forum “Behind the wheel”. On the question of the reader functionality of the gadget meets the expert SP.Cyril Mileshkin “Behind the wheel”

In the article “whatever” about DVRs (comparative test devices with a starting price of 4500 rubles. — Approx. ed.) is not said about the presence or absence of the GPS system the tested devices. Do you consider such an option necessary?

Kirill mileshkin “Behind the wheel”

In these models, no GPS. They belong to the budget category in which the availability of GPS is more the exception than the rule.

The benefits of the GPS module is only able to warn about cameras commit violations if the gadget loaded database.

A few years ago, implementing the European Protocol for registration of minor accidents, the insurers told about the mandatory fixing of the circumstances of the accident at the device location. In fact, it turned out that to receive the standard compensation in the amount of 100 thousand rubles, enough picture taking, and a maximum of 400 thousand according to the europrotocol does not pay in principle.

In such a situation, any location or rate indication showing that in the time of the accident you did not exceed the limit, consideration can not accept. After all, video recorders are not certified devices to measure the speed and coordinates.

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