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The helpful thief: took the car along with a sleeping master

The sea was knee-deep drunken resident of Cheboksary, who decided to steal from a friend his car and didn’t even notice that comrade at this time was dozing in the back seat. Retribution overtook the hijacker after a few kilometers — he crashed into a pole.Marina Govorova


Saving your car against theft, a girl dived into the window

In Yadrinsky district court of Cheboksary has sentenced 52-year-old local resident, who stole the car along with her driver. In his defense, the defendant stated that he was not going to take the vehicle permanently, he just wanted to go about their business and come back. His former friend, he is the victim, denied this information, explaining to the court that he had already put his eyes on his Lada.

Anyway, to fix the car after the accident to its owner failed, and in the future it will recover moral damages from the would-be robber. Fortunately, he will live in the neighborhood — a man was sentenced to 2 years, but the period he was suspended.

By the way, even more ridiculous incident happened recently in the Moscow suburb of Lyubertsy. The man tried to steal a foreign car, despite the fact that driving the car at the time was the owner of the car. In this situation rather quickly bystanders intervened and her “razrulili”.

  • And here’s another funny story: the dealer stole the American car, and she discovered the theft quite by accident on the street, stole my car from the dealer.


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