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The interior Ministry wants to check the buses on the roads

The Department has prepared a normative act assigns to him the authority to oversee the inspection of buses as well as direct participation in it.Elena Alekseeva


The government will compete with a bogus inspection. Prices will rise

In the explanatory note to the draft decree States:

The Federal law of the MIA of Russia is authorised for state control (supervision) over the organization and carrying out of technical inspection of vehicles, as well as participation in technical inspection of buses in the order determined by the Government of the Russian Federation.

The interior Ministry plans to monitor the inspection, arranging unscheduled inspections of points of tool control, roadside checks and by control purchases.

Participate in the inspection of buses implies, in particular, and the personal presence of traffic police on inspection, resemble in the Department. The new powers would not involve an increase in the number of staff and allocation of additional funds from the budget.

Now the draft document was posted for public comment on the Federal portal of projects of normative legal acts

  • What should ideally be a technical inspection of the vehicle, is discussing our the author.


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