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The invasion of the vandals in ecology: the motor show in Frankfurt threatened

Guide car show tightens security measures after the recent demonstration act of vandalism.Elena Alekseeva


Ice — out! Green dictate what to show at car shows!

The Frankfurt auto show, which opens next month, enhances the security measures to prepare for potential attack by aggressive environmentalists calling on people to join boycott cars.

The police are investigating the actions of the group calling itself the “Rocks in the transmission”, once at the beginning of this week, more than 40 luxury cars were mangled in the showroom of the dealer in Kronberg on the outskirts of Frankfurt. Windscreens and Windows, bonnets and panels were smashed with hammers and crowbars, mutilated and property of the dealership, told Reuters the representative of police of Wiesbaden.

On the eve of the auto show, the German Association of the automotive industry (VDA) has sought to defuse the situation, inviting environmental activists from Greenpeace and Deutsche Umwelthilfe to the discussion on 5 September in Berlin, where they, along with executives from Daimler, BMW and VDA have to discuss the climate crisis and the mobility of the future, reports Automotive News Europe.

“We are in close contact with the security agencies, and each of IAA. Control over the entrance to the exhibition will be tightened, given that it can flare up spontaneous riots,” said Reuters the representative of the VDA Eckhart rotter.

Environmental groups, including the group “Rocks in the transmission”, appealed to the public with a call to join the protests in Frankfurt on 14 September. In the result, the VDA is warning visitors to the motor show more about the possible long queues at checkpoints.

“Rocks in the transmission” published a Manifesto which says:

“Two weeks later, Frankfurt will once again launch a propaganda show, which is advertised obsolete, destroying the climate and environment appliances. We want to show this show the way it really is. Its main goal — the profit earned at the expense of the poorest and at the expense of future generations… We believe that the time has come to throw stones at the “box” and car capitalist logic of profit”.

The Frankfurt auto show, known as the IAA, should go from 12 to 22 September.

  • Recently the attack of the environmentalists was subjected to the automobile plant Volkswagen in Wolfsburg.


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