The Kia Niro was the electric version

9 January 2018 at the Consumer Electronics Show (CES 2018) in Las Vegas, Kia Motors has introduced a new fully electric concept car Niro EV and a vision of the future of personal mobility called “the Boundless all” (Boundless for all).The vehicles with alternative propulsion systems are one of the key priorities of the company Kia Motors in the near future. Within the concept of Boundless for all by 2025 in the model range Kia will be 16 eco-friendly models including hybrids of various types, electric cars and traditional models running on hydrogen fuel.

In the framework of the exhibition CES 2018, the Korean brand unveiled a concept all-electric compact Niro crossover EV Concept, designed by Korean design Studio Kia Motors. The car, whose silhouette is a continuation of the design ideas implemented in the hybrid Niro current generation got the perfect aerodynamics. Traditional grille electric vehicles is not required, so it is interactive panel. Optics Niro EV Concept all-led.

Information about the power plant is fairly limited: the electric motor has an output of 150 kW-capacity lithium polymer battery is 64 kilowatt-hour. The reserve is stated at 383 kilometers.

Another trend is the further improvement of safety, including through systems which were designed to reduce human error to a minimum. So, the concept features an “Active warning system the pedestrian” (APWS), which, using the camera front-view and system of object recognition that determines the approach of a pedestrian or cyclist and warns with a sound signal, because the electric car moves almost silently.

As for the interior Kia Niro Concept EV, it has a minimalist design and full digital systems that make driving convenient and communication as never before.

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