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The lady decided to sell the Mercedes, so he went to my ex-husband

Could not an enterprising citizen to do it only through the intervention of the bailiff, reports a press-service UFSSP of Russia across the Omsk region.

Former spouses Andrew and Angelica K. after the divorce went through the courts to divide marital property. The stumbling block was the Mercedes-Benz 1984, the woman did not want to share him with an ex-spouse. The car was purchased during the marriage, so the man filed a petition in the court, and a statement on the adoption of measures for securing a claim.

The court decided to seize the car registration and restricted actions. However, the lady was not satisfied and decided to sell the car secretly through a third party. Somehow the bailiffs recorded this fact and under the guise of customers came to the place of sale at one of the private car parks. After it was determined that this is the same car, they introduced themselves and showed their IDs. Despite the vehement protests of the ladies, the car was arrested and handed over for safekeeping to the former spouse.

  • Another female bailiff, leaving everything behind, hurried to the rescue of her husband, whom the inspector found drunk behind the wheel of a car. Since an amicable agreement failed, the lady started up in his fists.
  • This selfless spouse got into debt to have their family car, a favorite toy my husband went under the hammer. The loan amount was considerable — 150 thousand rubles.

Photo: depositphotos

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