The law on “EuroBLECH” – the end is near!

Hof Lena Committee on taxation and customs policy recommended to adopt in the second reading the draft law No. 8487, “On amendments to the Tax code of Ukraine concerning the taxation the excise tax of passenger vehicles,” as well as the draft law No. 8488 “On amendments to the Customs code of Ukraine regarding import of vehicles into the customs territory of Ukraine”. The decision was supported by 15 of the 18 members of Parliament present. According to the Chairman of the Committee Nina southerner, the bills supported with changes and amendments of the Committee.

The draft law No. 8487, in particular, involves the base rate of excise duty of 50 euros for car gasoline engines with a volume of 3 thousand cubic cm, for vehicles with large engine capacity is 100 euros. For vehicles with diesel engines up to 3.5 thousand cubic meters. cm – 75 Euro and 150 Euro for cars with more powerful engines. The amount of the excise tax will be equal to the base rate multiplied by the ratio of the engine and the coefficient of age.

“We also decided that prescribe a single standard that all funds from the revenue from customs duties during the customs clearance of the car, which was introduced in 2015 on the day of entry into force of the law will be sent to the Pension Fund”, – said the head of the Committee Nina Southerner.

The Supreme Court sided with the owners EuroBLECH

Bill No. 8488 proposes to establish fines for violation of term of stay of cars in a foreign room in a transit mode.

It is proposed to introduce a penalty for a violation of the deadline from 20 to 30 days 85 thousand UAH, more than 30 days (as well as loss or razumeetsya vehicle) – 170 thousand UAH or confiscation of the car by court order.

According to the document, the penalty for violation of the tenure of the car in regime of temporary importation is proposed to establish at the level of 17 thousand UAH in the case of exceeding the period of 10-20 days, 85 thousand UAH – 30 days, more than a month – UAH 170 thousand or confiscation.

In addition, the project proposes that the customs clearance of vehicles can be done in any body of revenue and duties of Ukraine.

Also, the bill tightens rules for temporary importation of vehicles into the territory of Ukraine. In particular, imported for a period exceeding 30 days car will have to register.

Nina Southerner suggested after the commencement of the bills 8487/8488 in the first 30 days to offer customs clearance “EuroBLECH” 50% and the next 30 days — 25%.

At the same time, November 7, “euroshare” plan to hold a massive rally in Kiev. They threaten to block the prospectus of the Victory and the government quarter. In the action is expected to involve up to 30 thousand cars. Protesters will demand to dismiss the head of Ukrtransagent Michael Nonaka and adopt two draft laws that reduce the excise duty on customs clearance of cars.

Euroshare will receive subsidies from the state

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