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The limousine of Boris Yeltsin sold for 500 000 euros

The announcement of the sale of Mercedes-Benz S-class W140 generation was published July 2 on the website The car, which allegedly went Boris Yeltsin, at the moment not found a new host.

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Check the authenticity in the car ad we can’t, but seller says all original documents, Garage of special function Yeltsin Mercedes maintained, and is ready to provide them to the potential buyer. The price of the car — 34 190 700 rubles, it is updated every day, so how the owner wants the car exactly 500 thousand Euro, the ruble equivalent is provided in accordance with the current exchange rate of the CBR. The history of the car is described as:

“The car was on display at the Mercedes stand at the Frankfurt motor show in September 1995 and was intended Chancellor Helmut Kohl, however, he refused the car and handed it to his friend “Boris” (Boris Yeltsin), who used it from late 1995 until the end of his days.”

It is also reported that the car made by automaker (total firm Mercedes-Benz has issued 27 such reserved Pullman limousine), not the company Trasco Bremen in the 90s through the hands of it professionals it took a lot of designed for Russia car. Under the hood — the legendary 6.0-litre petrol aspirated V12 power 394 HP, transmission — 4-speed hydromechanical automatic. Stated escape of the car is 700 km. 89 it is Argued that the car was maintenance, fully functional and is now in a private collection.

  • Interestingly, two major contemporary world leader — Vladimir Putin and Donald trump — as long as that use old limos: Putin drives a Mercedes S-class of the previous generation W221, tramp “wears” the armored Obama. Russian President next year will be domestic limousine, which is being developed in the framework of the project “Cortege”, trump will soon change to the new “beast-machine” Cadillac brand from General Motors.
  • The new President of France Emmanuel Makron was emphatically modest in the choice of Executive cars: to his inauguration in may this year, he came to the crossover DS 7 Crossback.
  • To see if any cars drove the head of the Soviet Russia and then the Soviet Union, in our gallery.


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