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The list of medical restrictions to driving expands

The Ministry of health has led a number of new contraindications for driving.

On the website of the Ministry was published a new bill, following which the list of medical contraindications for candidates for drivers of vehicles will expand. This was reported by “people’s truth”.

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An impressive list of prohibitions on the right to drive have included some diseases of the eye, blurred vision. Colorblindness in this case is not considered as a disease. A number of limitations affected the disabled, what are dentures, and those who have problems with their hands or feet.

To driving do not admit patients with hemorrhoids, edema testicles or spermatic cord. In addition, it is proposed not to allow to drive of people with cardiovascular disease, congenital or acquired heart diseases, hypertension and blood disorders.

Social networks ignite controversy, because under these General requirements, you can sign many dealer rights and existing drivers. In accordance with the data of the who, 60% of the population of the globe has problems with the cardiovascular system, over 50% have symptoms of neuralgia. But in America, even elderly pensioners allow you to get behind the wheel.

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Even the head of VAAID Oleg Nazarenko notes that such innovation will only lead to a new corruption scheme information. If you really undergo a medical examination, 90 percent of it will not pass for health reasons. And in order to drive the car they will pay a bribe for help. Moreover the size of bribes will grow to the skies.

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