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The magazine “Behind the wheel” — 90!

This year, the magazine “driving” will be 90. There are few in the world of automotive publications that can boast such a rich history. Over the years we have produced more than 1000 numbers!

The magazine has changed along with the country, cars and car life. Even the logos of the magazine — and during the past 90 years, they changed more than a dozen times — clearly and a kind of reflected the style and spirit of the age. Opening the jubilee year, we invite you to pass on some of the bright phases of our multi-faceted and fascinating history.

April 1928 . In the USSR released so far, only 1,000 th truck AMO-F15. In a huge country less than 21 thousand cars. Nevertheless, monthly automobile magazine of about 50 pages, with a simple but at the same time avant — garde and constructivism in the 1920s and logo quickly gaining followers. Soon their nearly 40 — thousand- twice more than cars in the USSR! What he wrote in the first issue of “Behind the wheel”? Yeah about the same thing, what now. Discussed the first Soviet serial compact car, US‑1 and new Ford cars. Talked about the international exhibition of trucks in Germany and the world record speed car: 330 km/h. have discussed the road. All of these topics are still alive.

In 1937 , the year the magazine was already the same: strong, but boring, almost like the cover of granary books. But once a year, in November, were doing a very different cover — a logo-style font poster slogans. In a dual November issue of 1937 (the journal was then published twice a month), dedicated to the 20th anniversary of the October revolution, it was 64 pages. On the cover — the largest in Yaroslavl, USSR five-ton truck. And the pages — an overview of all the achievements of the domestic automobile industry, from cars GAZ-M1 and ZIS‑101 to the mobile store on the chassis of the three-ton ZIS‑5, and nurses on the basis of GAZ-AA. Last year in the pre-history of our magazine was 1940. Not victorious war with Finland and the approach of a new war led the authorities to save on the magazines. Closed them then a lot. Including “Behind the wheel”.

The April issue of the 1956 year was the first post. A new logo painted in the style of the architectural excesses of the 1950s with a dashing curls and variable thickness of the letters. The magazine was published under the patronage of DOSAAF, so much space was devoted to military Affairs — the training of drivers and mechanics. However, the room where it was only 24 pages, there was a place for the description of the new Moskvich‑402, fantasy, Yuri Dolmatovsky about cars of the future, the advice of the sleeper on the organization of sleeping space in the car and making a homemade roof rack. And even the news of foreign technology. A small publication about the foreign cars began to not spoiled information of the Soviet people narrow and practically the only window in the big automotive world for many years.

Logo 1965 year differed from the former about how the humpback Zaporozhets 966 from th, whose “face”, incidentally, appeared on the cover of the January issue. Concise, business-like style of the 1960s: a model of a rectangular house, a minimum of decoration on new cars and “drawing” logo “Behind the wheel”. The magazine has 32 pages. If you only knew what it cost the user to get permission for it! The nail room — a detailed description of the new ZAZ‑966. In a small journal managed to put another article about Muscovites for circuit racing and even the substantive review of the Formula 1! Before anything like the Soviet reader is not seen.

Few people knew that the new logo 1975 year symbolized the freeway: each letter is two lanes of oncoming traffic with a solid baffle in the middle. By this time the car in the Soviet Union became a mass phenomenon. For cars turn. In the country, more and more motorists and, as a consequence, more and more problems. Need scarce spare parts, materials, skills, self-repair and adaptation for this. “Driving” tells advises recommends. Garage in communities magazine passed from hand to hand, read out to the holes. Of course, the editors did not forget about defence and about new Soviet technology. And since automobile novelties appeared not often, wrote a lot about trucks and buses. But the main audience has always believed motorists with their joys and problems. And the enlightenment edition is not forgotten: in the same room there are notes about updates to the brand Nissan and even Ferrari Dino.

The logo, symbolizing the journal of the new century, was born in 2008 year. In this may issue was 344 page count, ten magazines of the early 1970s! A third of the rooms — new and comparative tests. And ZR traditionally dismantle the car (including imported) in detail, writes on legal topics, talks about the tires, tuning, introduces a new generation of cars that were once presented as novelties, but now turned into a retro. “Behind the wheel” of the XXI century, faithful to its traditions, but never stops: we are moving forward with acceleration.

The magazine “Behind the wheel” — 90!The magazine “Behind the wheel” — 90!

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