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The man tried to steal an Audi during a test drive

The buyer came to test the car and tried to steal.

Respectable citizen from Krasilov wanted to sell my car Audi A6. After placing ads on the Internet appeared the first buyer and agreed to meet. At the appointed hour a buyer came along with a friend to inspect the car, according to

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The seller, suspecting nothing, was allowed to ride in the car behind the wheel while he sat in the passenger seat. A friend was following them in his car Volkswagen. After a few miles it stopped, and when the owner tried to go around the car again to drive, crook pressed the gas and drove away.

The seller for his trust and left all the documents, phone and money in the car. Helped a bystander to call the police and call the patrol. About the situation reported by the national police in Khmelnytskyi region.

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Patrol police quickly found Volkswagen other, it skidded on a curve and dumped in a field. The car was damaged and the driver fled the scene. Very Audi A6 with the hijacker stopped in Starokonstantinov. The kidnapper was a 38-year-old resident of Vinnitsa region. Now he is under investigation, and he expects eight years of imprisonment. His partner is wanted.

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