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The most beautiful girls auto-2017

Completed the next year, and in new want to take all the good, positive and beautiful. So historically, going to report to various international autometry, we take a camera aimed to capture trends. And the hands removed themselves and the girls. So went through the beautiful moments of the five showrooms in 2017!

Why did the producers even invited stand-assistant girls to make the company their world premieres? It’s obvious, and January 1, after yesterday’s unbridled joy of the New year! Even if you are callous to the horror of a prude, which is a lot of iron on the left stands a cold-blooded, beauty is able to take over your look, to attract attention. Therefore, shuttling between the four, Willy-nilly approach where women literally envelop their bodies to the harmonious (and sometimes not) forms of machinery.

So it was last year. My colleagues and I have been to several international shows where he sent shots of smiling beauties. We will not impose their own tastes, everyone will find something of your own. So there you go!

March. The international Geneva motor show

Let’s go in order. The first important for our market event of the world scale became the international motor show in Geneva. In the business capital of Switzerland flew dozens of brands, thousands of journalists, hundreds of thousands of car fans. The organizers of the action counted more than a hundred Prime. It is clear that it was not without feminine grace. And the cream of the society of women flocked to Geneva from all over. So, at the stand of Kia worked as a model from Belarus…

The most beautiful girls auto-2017

April. International motor show in Shanghai

Another business capital, this time — China. All the most advanced and most advanced. And not only the exhibition itself but also throughout the city. Go on local streets and embankments and realize how far we are behind, the Chinese have gone far in various fields. Including and car. Let’s face it: the dynamics, which is developing the local automotive industry, was not inherent in any market until now. Under a and exhibited at stands samples of the latest creations. And girls-stand models for every taste and color, although the more — local flood.

The most beautiful girls auto-2017

September. The international motor show in Frankfurt

Fast forward from the mysterious Asia burgher in Germany. One of the two important for our region dealers passes here, alternating through the year with Paris. The girls on the stands even flied’t have: recruited mainly from among the local, the benefit of the public in European cities today is very heterogeneous. In General, it was what and whom to see. So, the viewfinders of the cameras ran in search of the best angles.

The most beautiful girls auto-2017

October. The Tokyo international motor show

International motor show in Tokyo were stingy on the world premiere. But there is also revising their approaches to exhibition activity, the producers decided to abandon the stand assistants is a very important decoration of such events. However, having all the pavilions Tokyo Big Sight, we found a few dozens of cute and charismatic girls. Came to the aid of the stands of the manufacturers and the various components.

The most beautiful girls auto-2017

November. The international auto show in Los Angeles

The bride completed a series of four exhibitions. The premiere, of course, more local, besides shuttling among them, our editor Kirill Melescanu was increasingly difficult to hunt on a lovely stand assistants. In Los Angeles, a Sunny region, many of them, seeing them focused on the lens, just turned away! However, the two dozen beauties we have been able to capture.

The most beautiful girls auto-2017Самые beautiful girls auto-2017Фото: “Behind the wheel.Of the Russian Federation”

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