The most high-profile events in the Ukrainian car market in 2017

our source, traditionally summed up the year and has identified the most high-profile events by the number of reading news on relevant topics. The algorithm of determination of such event as simple as possible: the more news I read about the event, so it is higher in the rankings. So, what has interested our readers in 2017?The most resonant events on the automotive market in 2016
The most resonant events on the market 2015

The leading theme of this year clearly defined.

1st place. Cars on avtonomera throughout the year, the subject of bonded car has interested our readers. The whole year was going something to solve them, but it never did. They wanted to legalize, prohibit, penalize, it is to pardon. Meanwhile, motorists on the “euromarch” a year had turned into a formidable force. They have repeatedly blocked roads, border crossings, and in September even hold a large protest action under the Verkhovna Rada.

How to legalize a foreign car registration. The bill is ready
Auto avtonomera many will not be able to legalize in Ukraine, even if they do “Amnesty”

The authorities could no longer ignore their demands and, increasingly, the subject of the cars on “euromarch” had to comment on the President, Prime Minister, profile committees of the Verkhovna Rada. Users auto “EuroBLECH” speakers from the government were called smugglers, and “chemicai”, but eventually resigned and gave up on them. Meanwhile, the number of cars on the “euromarch” in Ukraine has already exceeded 300 thousand units. So that in the New Year they will still give themselves felt.

The state decided to do about foreign-registered cars
The results of the protest action of motorists in avtonomera: Acceleration and complete closure of the border
The Cabinet plans to get the car on avtonomera to register in the Ukraine
It became clear how much is actually in Ukraine, foreign car registration

2nd place. The reform of the interior Ministry and the SDA From the beginning of the year changes in police, procedures for obtaining a driver’s license and images kept in good shape drivers. Already in the middle of the year, the newcomers began to pass on the right on new tickets, and by the end of the year they all began to issue temporary driver’s license for 2 years.

Police reform: Drivers have to retake the rights every 5 to 15 years
Inspection of certificate and fines: what changes are preparing deputies for motorists?
The Cabinet initiated the reduction in the acceptable speeding with 20 km/h to 10 km/h

The photographs in 2017 and did not run, but the deputies voted in the first reading a rather ambiguous law, with hefty fines and prison terms for traffic violations. At the end of the year the Verkhovna Rada adopted the law about Parking on which the cars can now be evacuated, and to fix the violations now can not only police, but also some Parking inspectors, as well as photo and video cameras. Let’s see how it will all work out in the next year. And will decide whether the deputies once more to “tighten the screws” for drivers.

Today Ukraine introduced photographs of the inspection
Drivers will spin those screws. What changes, the interior Ministry initiated in the laws

The 3rd place. Legally import b-cars. In 2017, the very actively growing and the import of used cars imported at concessional rates of excise duty. The relevant law was adopted in 2016, but in 2017 threads b-y car has become the extent of the deep river. Every month, the import of used cars have set new records, and by the end of the year actually equaled the market for new cars. What brought Ukrainians, what models are in demand? all these themes are very interested in our readers throughout the year.

What b-cars imported to Ukraine at a reduced excise
Named the most popular used cars in Ukraine
What b-cars lured buyers out of the showrooms

4th place. ZAZ Lanos and. About Zaza almost a year there was nothing audible, and in the fall all of a sudden it became known that the previously popular in Ukraine, the Lanos, was removed from production. What happened! Some were happy and even composed songs in honor of departed Lanos, while others regretted, and could not believe it. our source also didn’t believe a word and went to the factory in Zaporozhye. And what we saw there? Lanos has really taken out of production, but a modification of it still make Sens. But in meager amounts and not on the primary conveyor. And at the end of the year, ZAZ Sens even bought state police protection. Whatever it was, but the topic is Zaza really care about our readers.

ZAZ stopped the production of Lanos. What is happening in the plant and what are the prospects
What is happening now at ZAZ? Our report
ZAZ continues to work and produce cars
Lanos left, but the Sens left. What really happens at ZAZ

5th place. The electric vehicles. From the beginning of 2017, the electric vehicles were exempted from import duty and delivery began to grow. But the official importers yet not too in a hurry to master the new market. Later it became clear why. It turns out that after the audit elektronaradim stations, only half of them meet the standards, such as Renault. However, during the year, the number of models of electric vehicles significantly increased. Their new products showed Hyundai, Renault, Citroen, But the real catalyst of the electric car market at the end of the year was the Verkhovna Rada. The deputies suddenly released electric vehicles from VAT and excise duty, which will inevitably lead to their cheapening a further 17%. But, it turned out that not everyone is ready to cut prices. And there will be enough electric vehicles in Europe rushing in there to our deliverers? It is obvious that the subject of electric cars will be in the Top next year.

Electric cars are exempted from VAT and excise tax until 2019
Where can drive great cars?
Really how much cheaper electric cars in 2018. the opinion of market operators
What electric car to buy in Ukraine. And how affected the market for cancellation fees

Here are the events on the Ukrainian car market was the most resonant in 2017. Moreover, the majority of those smoothly and in the following year, and this means that we will again be something to tell our readers.

Thank you for being with us.
Happy New Year and merry Christmas.

Always Your team our source.

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