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The most insane accessories for the New year

Adults usually don’t believe in Santa Claus. Nevertheless, they exercise maximum ingenuity in preparation for the new year holidays. It is clear that many consider it necessary to decorate the car, but sometimes go too far…

There are no rules: create, invent, try. Accessories can use ready-made or make your own. However, neither the New year nor Christmas is canceled article 12.5 of the administrative code “the List of malfunctions and conditions under which prohibits operation of vehicles” and the technical regulations of the Customs Union. At the same time, the traffic police in most cases Christmas decorations loyally and with a sense of humor — but only in the marked days. In the summer many of the cars in our gallery, driving around is not recommended.

The most insane accessories for the New year

  • You can go the other way — to decorate a Christmas tree in the automotive style.
  • In an effort to prepare for the holiday your car, you should not use the first available accessories: among them are dangerous. We collected a dozen such.
  • And keep in mind that many motorists tuning wildly annoying.

Photo: from archive of the authorthe Most insane accessories for the New year

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