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The most popular machine of the Russian security forces — Lada Granta

Second and third places in the rating of public procurement by the end of 2016 took the Chevrolet Niva and UAZ Patriot. But last year the absolute leader of the Russian market of Hyundai Solaris, the officials were not popular.

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The ranking of the most popular cars from government entities in 2016, published by the newspaper “Kommersant”, it is based on the statistics of public procurement on the grounds of “RTS-tender”, “Sberbank-AST”, UETF, ETS and the Agency on public procurement of the Republic of Tatarstan. All officials last year bought through these sites are more than 4 thousand cars for a total of about 4.5 billion rubles. The top five most popular cars in public procurement in 2016 looks like this:

Lada Granta — 24.3 per cent (average price — 477,6 thousand rubles)

Chevrolet Niva is 9.2% (the average price — 607,4 thousand rubles)

UAZ Patriot is 7.9% (the average price 905,7 thousand rubles)

Volkswagen Polo — 7,6% (average price — 734,5 thousand rubles)

Lada 4×4 — 5,9% (average price — 514,2 thousand rubles)

Largest state customer machines became a Ministry and its subordinated structures: purchased them in 2016, the Park at 72% consists of cars Lada Granta. The model attracted the security forces are not only cheap, but also a high degree of localization (at 80%), low-cost maintenance and spares availability. For the same reasons in the top 5 were Chevrolet Niva, UAZ Patriot and Lada 4×4.

Volkswagen Polo — a special case: it is a status model for those officials who are not entitled to a higher class car, e.g. Ford Focus. Obviously, Volkswagen is listed in civil servants are higher than Hyundai or Kia, otherwise they would have bought the Solaris and Rio. In 2016, Hyundai Solaris, according to AEB, was the best-selling passenger car in the Russian market (Polo — on the fifth place). The Kia Rio is a leader in sales for the first half of this year.

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