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The most popular wiring from the wrecker

From 27 November on channel “Che” launched a new season of the reality show “Solved” on the fight against different kind of scams. Specially for the website “Behind the wheel.RF” presenter Vlad Chizhov told about the most popular schemes of scams on the road.

Think of your “swallows” and towing is possible only in the case when you parked in the wrong place? The main field activities of the wrecker Scam is country roads. They act directly, without compassion, and traces in the form of telephone numbers and other data.

Two main schemes of divorce

After the impure into the hands of the tow truck will take you and your car in “your” service, be prepared for surprises.After the impure into the hands of the tow truck will take you and your car in “your” service, be prepared for surprises.

Major schemes to divorce the two:

  1. The scammers hunt on the road in distress car offer the driver to take him to “your” service nearby, for services in which they, of course, waiting for a rollback. As a rule, from the despair of the drivers agree. And then in the service impose unnecessary work auto, complex diagnosis and other actions are not necessary.
  2. The wrecker organize the schema in which you intentionally spoil the car, and then it is rescued and brought to the same “your” service. For example, in a certain place on the highway dropped a homemade metal hedgehogs that damage wheel to the driver. Meanwhile, a tow truck pulls up, offers to help, calling the price is cheaper than market price: the average price for Moscow 3500-4500 rubles, announces the 2500. The driver, of course, agrees. The victim is being taken to address and is already in place, it appears that the price of 8000 rubles, because the 2500 is just feeding and loading a broken car.

The reaction of victims

First scenario: the driver starts to occur, then there are four or five accomplices and “convinced” to pay for services.

If the victim is a girl, she begins to call husband, friend. As a rule, a man advises to pay if there is a danger, and he promises then to understand. Later after the incident, a decision that should not be lifted all on ears due to three to four thousand. And the theme of disappearing.

— Hello, dear, here’s the thing… Hello, dear, here’s the thing…

The consequences of fraud are very serious. Ranging from causing damage to car and wallet of the owner (can unload the car on the lawn, unwind at a costly repair) to its health (in the process of “beliefs” you just simply can beat).

How to understand that before you Parking authority-fraud

Most often this kind of scammers use “dead” machine, an old converted “gazelki” and “bulls.” Such a car — a minimum investment, it is easier to “reset” if you have trouble. The tow truck looks untidy, it has no common phone, mobile only. The connection Manager is missing.

The car-towing company-fraudsters often use the dead animals on Board, which you will not find reklamemarke scammers often use the dead animals on Board, which you will not find advertising

The places need to be especially careful

Most importantly, the place where drivers should be vigilant — track. But often, these fraudsters have accomplices: group power cover, the people in the car repair and gas stations, where you can, for example, instead of gasoline to pour another liquid. After a couple of meters from the gas station the car will stall, and the tow truck is coming to you for help.

How not to get a divorce

If you feel a catch or external signs to determine that you drove a “fake” tow truck, the first thing you should do is to abandon the loading of your car. Just equivocate annoying services not getting help, say that after you have left the car. Never get fooled by cheap rate, analyze the situation.

Always call the only system tow through dispatchers. There are at least a few large operators and hundreds of small — five to ten machines. They are all law-abiding, tariffs, controllers and accounting documents.


The most popular wiring from evakuatorschikov popular wiring from evakuatorschikov, at 10:00

Have you ever become a victim of the wrecker Scam?

I myself am a tow truck is a crook do Not ever use their services There, there were only a decent wrecker Had several times Been tradeprofit

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