The new law Parking: Parking attendants will get new powers

In Parking lots will operate inspectors for monitoring the payment of Parking.

Since September, comes into force a new Law about Parking and it sets out new rules for employees on sites. First and foremost authorities on a competitive basis will select a new staff, who will receive the rank of inspectors and Parking will be performing only a Supervisory role.

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No cash, they should not take. For it provides the penalty of 850 hryvnias, and the case of a return by the inspector of the money he will still pay into the Treasury of 170 UAH.

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But in the new bill provided that the inspectors would receive police powers and will be able to attract drivers to administrative responsibility for violation of Parking rules. Among such violations will be recorded: a simple car more than 10 minutes without payment of use of the site. The driver will be required to pay a fine of 20 times the amount of the cost of an hour of Parking on this site.

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