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The new UAZ Patriot will be equipped with a different transmission

The change will affect not automatic, and mechanics.Alexander Khlynov

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UAZ Patriot II has received a new patent for the details

UAZ has tested a new manual transmission that will be installed on a new generation of SUV UAZ Patriot. Recall that the release date of the car was recently postponed to 2021.

The company said that the new car will differ from the current generation of Patriot is not only comfortable, but also a high level of reliability. Therefore, for an SUV, many components and assemblies are developed almost from scratch. Recently we wrote that Patriot II will be equipped with new ZMZ engines, including a turbodiesel. Now, how to write “Izvestia” with reference to “proxy bidding”, the company tests the new 6-speed manual transmission.

The current generation of UAZ Patriot is equipped with a automatic transmission any GM, or Korean 5-speed manual transmission Dymos. With the advent of the 6-speed automatic in the car became quieter. Having said that, the project managers decided that a new generation of Patriot need a 6-speed manual, that is quite true. When driving on the highway in sixth gear the engine will run at lower rpm, so the cabin will be a bit quieter. But most importantly, the car will become more economical.

In addition to the reliability and comfort control new manual should provide the SUV a good momentum at the start for riding in an urban environment and to save fuel. These tasks, according to the report, are also included in the technical specification.

  • Curiously, UAZ Patriot was invented at AVTOVAZ. How and why? The answers to these questions are waiting here.

Photo: Dennis Eusebio / Unsplash

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