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The number of electric cars grows in Ukraine

For the first month in 2018 in Ukraine, there were almost 20% more electric vehicles than in the same period last year.

In January, Ukraine imported about 188 vehicles with electric motors, it is 19 % more than last year, according to “Ukrautoprom”. For the most part 86% cars preowned. And the most popular among electric Ukrainians remains the Nissan Leaf, it was purchased by 124 people, which was 14% less than in 2017.

On the second place in popularity is the BMW i3, followed by Tesla Model S, says Autogeek.

I wonder what legally today in Ukraine only imported “Hyundai Morot Ukraine” and “AVT Bavaria”. But in General the list of importers is 12 companies.

As calculated in Biznestsentr, the main region where driven electric cars is United States. There they acquire at auctions that all used cars that are operated in car rental companies, sold on credit or leasing. Very often they are sold after the accident. This, as we have noted above, the model of the Nissan Leaf and Tesla. In 2017 they came to Ukraine 2 thousand units and 130 units, respectively.

From Germany were imported 125 electric vehicles, Japan – 81, France – 56, from Korea and Mexico – 40. Official BMW i3 was delivered just 33 pieces, and Korean Hyundai Ioniq Electric – 27 pieces. In turn, Mitsubishi has delivered eight cars I-MiEV.

It should be noted that brought to 2017 2 400 cars are cars, pre-owned and 100 only – new, and for the most part owned by the official dealers.

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