The on auto-commit violations of traffic rules: where to get a billion?

Pabout the calculations of specialists of the Ministry of interior and National police to develop the system and software it is necessary 317,7 million. Still to 29.3 million UAH should be spent on comprehensive protection of information.

Purchase of computer, networking and telecommunications equipment and mobile systems autocommit and vehicles to accommodate them will require of 118.7 million.

The purchase, installation and commissioning of stationary and mobile complexes of auto-commit violations of traffic rules on the roads of General use of state importance will cost another 643,0 million UAH.

A total of more than 1,1 billion hryvnias.

In November last year, the interior Ministry promised in a year and a half to install four thousand cameras for automatic photo and video fixation of traffic violations. But the funding issue is still not resolved.

Note that in Ukraine for 2017 year, police recorded more than 144 thousand cases of driving in a drunken state — a quarter more than the year before.

MIA explained what had changed in the SDA from 1 January

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