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The party said “must”: BAIC released electric flagship sedan EH300

A year ago Chinese automaker BAIC presented in Beijing electric version of its business sedan Senova D80, indicated by the index EH400. Figure it pointed to the range of kilometers on a single charge, but the commodity version of the model was less “LP”.

Under pressure from the Communist party of China local automakers are engaged in a hasty “greening” of its model lines: the government wants to reduce dependence on hydrocarbons and reduce the level of pollution in cities, where smog is often not what the axe is a fire you can hang up. State automaker BAIC, of course, zealously performs party mandate: in its product line is already six electric vehicles, and this week they were joined by the seventh — EH300, dealers began to take orders.

Unfortunately, the master declared a year ago 400-km mileage on a single charge for a production car was not in the condition the manufacturer promises only 300 km Autonomous run, but because the index of the model was devalued, and is now called EH300 (the photos — last year’s exhibition). The manufacturer, however, States that if to move to the EH300 with a constant speed of 60 km/h, it will last 380 km.

Responsible for long-range lithium-ion battery with a capacity of 54.6 kWh, a full charge from a household socket and it takes about 10 hours, but on the Express terminals increased power it can charge 80% in just 45 minutes. The motor, the torque the front wheels, develops peak power of 100 kW (136 HP) is very modest for a major car business class: length — 4946 mm, width — 1860 mm, height — 1483 mm wheelbase is 2830 mm. it is not Surprising that the acceleration time up to hundreds of BAIC does not advertise, and the top speed EH300 — only 140 km/h.

In the base BAIC EH300 is 345 800 yuan, but taking into account government subsidies, Chinese citizens can become owners of this wonderful car “only” 279 800 yuan — about 2.29 million rubles at the current exchange rate of the Central Bank of the Russian Federation, or 40.5 thousand American dollars. Expensive! But the basic equipment is virtually “fully loaded”, with the exception of TVs for the rear passengers and control panel to them in the Central headrest.

Ordinary Chinese consumers BAIC EH300 unlikely to be interested, but through public procurement has a very, very good prospects.

  • At the upcoming Shanghai motor show will premiere a new compact SUV BAIC, looks like the American Hummer.
  • Last summer, the group BAIC in conjunction with the manufacturer of Yinxiang motor vehicles has established a new brand Bisu, focused on the youth and already submitted under the two models — the subcompact crossover S25 Bisu and Bisu M3 van.

The party said “must”: BAIC released electric flagship sedan EH300


The party said “must”: BAIC released electric flagship sedan EH300

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