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The reasons why motorists refuse to buy electric cars

Every year, a growing number of adherents of an electric future is becoming less believing in internal combustion engines.

Compared to the 2017 year the number ready to buy the electric car as the next car has increased by 17-20%, which shows statistics from the UK and America. And if Europe could expect such a growth, the US has always loved big cars and big engines.

In Britain there has been a strong influence on the minds of motorists, the media and government initiatives. So in Europe, sales of diesel cars in the first quarter of this year decreased by 17% in comparison with the last year period. Experts point out that this is the most significant drop in all the time.

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In Norway, the number of “green cars” has already exceeded 52%. In Britain, sales of environmentally friendly transport account for only 5.1 % of the total number of cars sold.

The British are not willing to buy electric vehicles for the reasons of misunderstanding of the system electrical work, as in hybrid and electric cars. Among the reasons experts say: “Potential hybrid buyers are confused by technology and held back by artificial barriers”.

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Among other reasons to deter from buying it is possible to note high cost of hybrid and electric vehicles. It’s more concerned about Americans.

In addition, they continue to hold back from purchasing electric cars is a small reserve on electricity and long charging. About 58% said that it keeps them from buying an electric vehicle. However, confidence is growing, because this figure has decreased from 68% in 2017.

But with rising prices of fuel and gas the situation is slightly mitigated – the cost of maintenance of electric vehicles will not be high. Because these machines do not require oil changes and have fewer parts than conventional engines.

Note that in the UK plan to ban cars passing on electricity of less than 80 km.

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