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The Registrar is cheaper than 4000 rubles — money for a wind?

Let’s face it — our drivers in the most part absolutely do not want to spend more on the DVR 3000-4000 rubles. Think: “Well, all the same hang the camera, and let me be. Most importantly — inexpensive. Takes? Yes, somehow shoots. Well, okay. And these functions, Wi-Fi, quick release brackets and other reginah 7-10 thousand rubles and more — from the evil one.”

And here is the question. Can I find the video recorder to cost 3-4 thousand rubles, but it provided a decent quality video? And not just the appearance of having a camera. There are two options.

The first is to refer to the Chinese online stores. For example, the infamous AliExpress. Choice of hundreds of cheap models in the “noname”, when the manufacturer doesn’t know anything. In 90% of cases — even its name 🙂 Under the slogan “what do you want for the money?” the Russians massively sell recorders with crispy hulls, the curve transfer menu, and most importantly, low reliability. Such a device may at any time to gluconate, turn on and off at will, and then quietly cease to record videos. This is not counting the fact that it was about a normal warranty not even a question.

The second option is more sensible to spend money on a device that rarely, but aptly able to assist you save “tons” of nerves, tens of thousands of rubles. If not to avoid visiting places. not so remote. In this case, you should choose among the Junior models, brands with the name. Which thanks to its own staff by offering good-quality in all respects budget registrars.

The ability to set a low price in this case is the consequence of volume — a simple law of Economics. The popularity of Large production volumes — Low price.

Among these manufacturers — primarily Russian AdvoCam. This is the most popular brand recorders in our country — the number one sales autotimer for the year 2016.

More specific? Here is a Russian DVR AdvoCam—FD4 — perhaps the most thoughtful budget-2017. A model in which the manufacturer gave up all unnecessary options and focused on the main thing — the quality of video recording. So Yes, that camera quality is on par with the twice more expensive registrars. The second main parameter, which is focused on the developer, the price is even below the psychological mark of 4000 rubles. AdvoCam—FD4 is available in “Yandex.Market” over three thousand.

AdvoCam—FD4 — updated version of the model AdvoCam—FD One — the most elaborate budget of the Registrar past 2016. The body became more elongated and thin, but the stuffing has not changed. In the editorial material “Supertest popular NVRs up to 7 thousand rubles,” AdvoCam—FD One won first place for image quality. And by 8 points (vs. 177 169) has around silver medalist. additional functions of the Registrar with a price of more than one and a half times higher. Therefore, it is possible to argue that the new model 2017 AdvoCam—FD4 received the “superpower” of its predecessor — to be the best choice for rational drivers.

The secret of success is simple — competitors “check out”:

1. Real developers

The core of the team AdvoCam are engineers with 20 years of experience in development of professional video surveillance systems. DVR AdvoCam — a design design and circuit design exclusively by Russian specialists. Thus, it is possible, if necessary, to make changes and to improve models, making them even more reliable. This fundamentally distinguishes AdvoCam from brands who use the services of Chinese factories and almost immediately after receipt the device throw its support. And in the case of models with “Ali” you are almost guaranteed to be devoid of normal tech support and firmware updates.

2. Non-standard approach

All the same experience of Russian engineers AdvoCam allows not to use expensive standard components popular producers. Don’t be afraid to experiment with very popular hardware and as a result achieve excellent results in level shooting. The highlight AdvoCam—FD4 is a 2 MP matrix SOI JX-F02. The size of each pixel is 3×3 microns, whereas in most CMOS sensors budget recorders it is almost two times less. And the bigger the pixel the more light it can receive and thus provide a better picture in low light conditions.

Another important component of shooting, AdvoCam—FD4 — fast lens. As a rule, aperture lenses budget registrars is in the area of F/2.2–2.8. Than the figure is less, the “eye” faster. And the better video in the dark. The value of the model AdvoCam — F/2.0, which is rarely even devices cost in the region of 10 000. Of course, as in all models of the brand, the lens consists of glass lenses durable — unlike plastic, they can crack because of temperature changes or over time, become cloudy.

The result — a survey, in which day you will be able to see the license plate of cars at a distance of 10-15 meters, and night up to 8-10 meters. While similar pricing model in the first place unnamed Chinese consumer goods with “Ali” in the daytime, at best, will provide up to 8-10 meters, but at night — well if you get to see at least some details in the pile of dark pixels.

3. Adaptation to Russian conditions of operation

Any recorder sold in Russia, must be able to work in winter — cold and summer — heat. Should stand fast in the bumps and not fall apart after the first trip on domestic roads. In theory. In practice, all the most sad — in most cases, cheap Chinese registrars in any given Russian realities does not even smell. What AdvoCam? AdvoCam in the city of Alexandrov, Vladimir region on their own production registrars shakes on the shakes, freezes and “fries” in the temperature chambers. Only after successful testing releases.

By the way, Alexandrov is still pre-production the first Assembly of parties of the registrars to make more time to check and to avoid errors in mass production. An interesting detail is the motherboard for pre-production assemblies are produced here in Russia.


Russian AdvoCam—FD4 is the most thoughtful budget DVR expiring 2017 and the upcoming 2018. The new budget hit the leader of the Russian market of video recorders. Nothing extra, just a great shooting day and night for the lowest possible price tag. Is 3400 rubles, but shoots at the model level with a price tag twice as much. Original domestic engineering design, high reliability, adaptation to Russian conditions of use. And a nice bonus — ability to work as a webcam when connected to computer.

The Registrar is cheaper than 4000 rubles — money for a wind?The Registrar is cheaper than 4000 rubles — money for a wind?

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