The share of “green” cars on the market Norway exceeded 50%

In comparison to 2016, the share of the ecological models increased by 12% and amounted in the past year 52%. If we exclude hybrids, pure electric cars made up 39% of the total car market in Norway.

“The first time we have a petrol and diesel car take market share below 50 percent. A change in the trend was faster than we thought” — said the head of the Norwegian road Federation (OFV) Oeyvind Solberg Thorsen.

What is the secret of such a high demand? That the Norwegian authorities cleverly combine environmental education with generous economic incentives: buyers of electrified cars are exempt from some road taxes, enjoy various tax benefits, they are also offered free Parking and charging stations.

In total on the roads of this country now goes a little more than 200 thousand “green” vehicles, of which 140 thousand electric cars and 60 thousand — rechargeable hybrids. In the list of machines that in 2017 were the most popular among Norwegians first electric cars Volkswagen e-Golf, BMW i3 and the hybrid Toyota RAV4. And the most popular model with a traditional internal combustion engine — Skoda Octavia — was only in 8th place.

For comparison, the second after Norway, the country in the implementation of clean cars was the Netherlands with a share of a measly 6.4 per cent of the total sales of new cars.

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