The SUV segment in Ukraine grew by 1.5 times. The most popular models of crossovers

SUV is the most popular class of cars not only in Ukraine but also in the world. Therefore, almost all manufacturers began to produce crossovers, creating serious competition for buyers. our source was rated the most popular SUV models and identified the major trends in this class. In comparison with last year the SUV segment in the domestic market grew more than 50%. Grew up SUVs all the classes without exceptions, but most of all C SUV. An increase of almost 75%. And speaking of price, the highest growth was in the medium price segment Volume. More than 75%.

The most popular cars in Ukraine
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Today the Ukrainian market of new SUV, according to our source looks like this: B SUV – 16%, C SUV – 53%, D SUV – 14%, E SUV – 12%, F SUV – 5%.

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According to our source, at the end of 6 months of 2017, in the B segment leader Suzuki Vitara SUV. Compared to last year, sales of this inexpensive SUV grew more than 55%.

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In second place is another affordable SUV, the Nissan Juke. The sale of this custom baby grew, compared to last year by almost 125%.

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But sales of Lada 4×4, which is on the 3rd place, went into decline. Compared to the previous year they reduced by almost 45%. A sure sign that despite the more than affordable price, technically and mentally this Russian SUV is outdated. By the way, more than 40% subsided and sales is also a middle-aged “relative” Lada 4×4 Chevrolet Niva.

But, gaining momentum, the popularity of Japanese cross-coupe, the Toyota C-HR. This SUV on 4th position in crossovered In class.

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The most popular class of SUV is not presented in 2017 and no surprises. In the budget segment C Low Cost unconditionally (and deservedly so) is the leader Renault Duster. And compared to last year sales of this model grew by almost 60%.

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The sales of the nearest competitors Chery Tiggo Chery Tiggo 5 and 3 (second and third places respectively) ten times less. Although they have increased compared to last year.

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Among C SUV Volume – medium price category – the same leader. Sales of KIA Sportage is almost twice more than the nearest competitor. And for 6 months in 2017 they rose more than 90%.

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In the second place in Volume C SUV – Toyota RAV4. Compared with 2016, sales of this popular model also increased. But not as much as the Sportage, but only 10%.

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But “relative” Sportage – Hyundai Tucson, which for the first 5 months on the 3rd place, sales, compared with last year grew by nearly 130%!

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Can you say phenomenal sales growth demonstrated in the first half of the new Mitsubishi Outlander. More PE in 5 times!

In the most expensive C SUV Premium as well as budget and mid-priced segments, is far ahead of the BMW X1. For 5 months 2017 the sale of this crossover has grown in comparison with last year, more than 105%.

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In the second place range Rover Evoque, and right behind him – the Audi Q3. Only unlike Q3, sales of which increased compared to last year, almost 30%, from the Evoque, they fell by 15%.

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In the D segment SUV Volume is far ahead of Toyota Land Cruiser Prado. And compared to last year sales of this SUV grew more than 70%.

In the second position a month ago was a Hyundai Santa Fe. This model still hold, but the volume of its implementation great crippled younger brother Tucson. Therefore, in comparison with last year, when Santa Fe was generally the first in the class, its sales decreased by almost 25%. And now the Korean third.

And in the second position the new Czech Skoda Kodiaq bear. On the fourth, literally up with the Santa Fe SUV of the year – Mitsubishi Pajero Sport. Compared with 2016, the sales of this model grew by 110%.

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Among premium SUV D Premium in the first place the Lexus RX. Compared to last year sales of this model grew more than 60%. But with the Japanese pressed for a serious competitor to the BMW X3. Compared to last year sales of the Bavarian crossover has grown more than 70% and the gap with RX decreased.

In third position, with a huge increase in sales compared to last year (nearly 600 percent) the Audi Q5.

Among the big E, and F SUV in the first place Toyota Land Cruiser. Sales of this SUV compared to last year grew more than 65%. Land Cruiser by a large margin ahead of Volkswagen Touareg. German is the second. And its sales have increased only 27%. The third newcomer in our market Ford Edge.

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Among premium SUVs E in the first place on sales 6 months 2017, Mercedes-Benz GLE-Class. The sales, compared with last year, unlike the BMW X5, which is on the 2nd position, grew by almost 20%. And X5 – on the contrary fell by almost 30%.

In third place is the Lexus LX. Sales growth – more than 50%. It is strange, but sales are on the 4th place of the Volvo XC90, has fallen in comparison with last year, more than 6%. Gone is the novelty effect? Or without promotion, this striking model has ceased itself to sell? However, growing sales of premium F SUV Audi Q7 and the Mercedes-Benz GLS-class.

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TOP 10 most popular SUVs in Ukraine
1. KIA Sportage
2. Renault Duster
3. Toyota RAV4
4. Hyundai Tucson
5. Volkswagen Tiguan
6. Nissan Qashqai
7. Suzuki Vitara
8. Audi Q7
9. Mitsubishi Outlander
10. Mercedes-Benz GLE-class

The most popular cars in Ukraine

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