The tax on luxury cars: Forgotten? Remind!

Aboutthis was announced by the chief of the State fiscal service in Kiev Lyudmila Demchenko: “at the beginning of February 2018 in the capital debt of the transport tax from physical persons is 72,4 million hryvnia, including 22,3 million – debt for 2017″.

Payers of this tax are, in particular, individuals owning vehicles with age of five years, the average market price is more than Three hundred seventy five minimum wages established by law on 1 January of the tax year (in 2018 — Three thousand seven hundred twenty three UAH.) The annual tax rate is Twenty five thousand hryvnia.

At the same time, as a compensation for the tax increase, the government in 2015 has cancelled the fee for first registration of the vehicle, depending on engine size ranged from 3,82 to 69,99 hryvnia per 100 cubic see

Entered into force a tax on luxury cars


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