The Tesla owner will remove responsibility from the manufacturer

American wrote a will in which he supported the development of technologies and acknowledged all the risks, taking responsibility.

The Tesla autopilot function actually is not Autonomous, and similar systems are on many production cars from other manufacturers. In fact it is semi-automatic, which requires the constant presence of the driver in the car and driving control. The last accident taint the company and technology, especially after the sensational crash with the drone.

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But the owners of electric cars are fully aware of the danger when you turn on the automatic control that showed the public a will using an online service Gixxxerking one of the owners of Tesla, reports Auto24 message He fully supported the company by taking responsibility for your life:

“I’m posting this just in case.

I support the goal of Tesla, which is the revolution of transport. I understand that risk is a necessary condition for the introduction and development of any technology. I don’t believe Tesla intends to harm me or my family. I also don’t expect perfection.

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If I ever get injured or die while driving a car with Autopilot, and it turns out that it happened through the fault of the system, do NOT SUBMIT TO COURT on my behalf and do not make amendments in the laws because of this. I am aware of the risks involved. I support technologies that simplify and automate management, making it more secure. I hope that thanks to people who share my position on the development of such technologies, in a short period of time they will allow you to go completely on automatic control systems that, finally, will save hundreds of thousands of lives. And this goal is worth risking their own safety.”

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