The Ukrainian army may get a real replacement for the GAZ-66

As reported by our source, “Boryspil automobile plant” Etalon intends to offer for the Ukrainian army an alternative to Russian GAZ-66. We are talking about four-wheel drive versions Tata LPTA 713 TC, which is used in the army of India. According to its characteristics the Indian Tata is superior to the Russian counterpart, it has a very attractive price, and very undemanding in operation.

In addition, Ukraine is well known for the design of this truck, as its rear-drive counterpart Tata LPT613 and LPT713 long been sold in our country. On this same chassis was released buses Etalon А079 and I-Van A07. Only two factories of the Corporation “Etalon” for the period since 2002 has produced more than 16 thousand buses and trucks with an aggregate base of Tata.

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Army modification Tata LPTA 713 is equipped with a diesel engine 125 HP and has a cruising range of 800 km. the Truck has four-wheel drive with locking center differential, low range transmissions and increased ground clearance. The load capacity of the Tata LPTA 713 is 2500 kg, which is 500 kg more than the GAZ-66. The truck can tow a trailer weighing up to 5 tons.

On the chassis of the Tata LPTA 713 can be made on-Board an army truck, ambulance, car or carrier arms (for example, anti-aircraft ZU-23). The overall dimensions of Tata LPTA 713 is very small: length of 5.75 m, a width of 2.16 m. the mass of the truck was only 5,15 T.

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As reported by our source, the head of the Board PJSC “Boryspil automobile plant” Sergei Gelevski already the first tests of the army Tata has shown that this is the truck that all characteristics superior to the GAZ-66, but retains its main features are high throughput, compactness and robust design.

In case of positive assessment by the APU, “Boryspil automobile plant” is ready to expand its production and to offer a variety of modifications and performance of the truck with the wheel formula 4×4.

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