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The Ukrainian driving license will be transferred to the European standards

The Ukrainian government has pledged before November 2017 to complete the implementation of the EU directives regarding the identity of drivers of vehicles.

In General, this will affect 10 million Ukrainian drivers. According to the Directive 2006126EC, driver’s license, should not be a lifetime, and will be given a maximum of 15 years.
“It is necessary to update information and to improve protection against counterfeits,” said one of the study’s authors organization “Ukrainian European policy centre” Svetlana Maystruk.
According to her, while getting a new identity should be compulsory medical examination of the driver which occurs in the EU under the simplified procedure during the visit to one doctor. But for drivers of trucks and buses of the period of eligibility should be reduced to 5 years, and a medical examination can be more picky.
“For all drivers at the age of 50 years may also be imposed a mandatory medical examination every 5 or even 3 years, depending on will decide how the country itself”, – said the expert.
Requirements professionals will grow
More important for the performance should be the Directive 2003/59/EC, which applies to professional drivers, drivers of trucks and buses. If the Directive 126 is Advisory in nature, and some of its provisions can be ignored by national governments, the Directive is 59 commits governments to monitor the qualification and health of drivers of large vehicles.
“The Directive is not a regulation and we can go its own way for its implementation. But its performance in full is obligatory for drivers carrying people and cargo, must have a very different level of knowledge and confirm their professional skills”, – said the expert on transport Vladimir Casavecchia.
He believes that one of the objectives of this Directive is to attract to the profession young people, raising the standards of the profession and the level of safety on the roads.
“A professional driver needs to acquire the necessary specific knowledge and skills in special courses, and every five years to confirm this knowledge into appropriate training programs. This Directive has already been implemented in the countries of the European Union”, – said the expert.
He advised the Ministry of infrastructure of Ukraine add to developed the draft law on the implementation of EU Directive No. 59 several provisions, among which is the age limit for professional drivers and the qualification of the driver card.
Controversial microchips
The Ministry of internal Affairs of Ukraine will offer the Verkhovna Rada to approve a 15-year term of the new driver’s licenses for non-professionals and 5 years for professional drivers of buses and trucks. This was stated by the head of the main service centre of the Ministry of internal Affairs of Ukraine Vladislav Crickley.
“We also propose to establish the identity microchips. Our service centers are already provided with all the necessary equipment, it will protect people from counterfeits,” said Crickley. But Svetlana Maystruk argues that a microchip is not a requirement of the Directive 126.
“As Ukraine needs to explore. European countries integrated into the system of data exchange, but whether it is integrated in Ukraine is another question,” – said the expert.
But Vladislav Crickley said that the future introduction of cyber technologies, and in many EU countries the driver’s license is also a document for identification. According to him, the draft laws will be submitted to Parliament in September.

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