The values of the BMW conquered Odessa. Success story

The BMW brand for more than 100 years associated with premium cars and outstanding. The principles, the philosophy and style of BMW steel were decisive in the success of the missions of the brand in Ukraine. In 1999, the emerald motors became one of the pioneers of the automotive market of foreign cars in Odessa and successfully maintains its leadership position. What were these 18 years our source asked top managers of the company. The history of the development of the market for premium cars in Ukraine is clearly adjusted for geography. Each region with its own mentality and characteristics of the construction business was looking for a recipe of your own “acclimatization” global trends. Odessa in this case is no exception. Historically loyal to Japanese brands, it required gradual adaptation of the European approach. In the 90-ies in Odessa have developed their automotive preferences and to change them was not easy.

About how the German BMW Group conquered the southern Palmyra, we learned from Vyacheslav Nurmanova, the owner of emerald motors, the official dealer of BMW and MINI in Odessa and Valentina Berezov, General Director of the company.

our source: 17 October marks 18 years since the founding of the company, Vyacheslav, tell us how philosophy giants of the German automotive industry has allowed You, then a young businessman, and at the same time the student of credit and economic faculty of the notable University (now Odessa national Economic University) majoring in banking to do the car business and start with a BMW?

Vyacheslav Kurmanov: My first company I discovered at age 18, in February 1994. Initially, the emerald was conceived as a marketing Agency, however, when in 1997 Kiev, the official importer and dealer of BMW, inspired by the ideals of the German legislator automotive trends, decided to enter into an unequal battle with the big players of the automotive market of South of Ukraine and won.

Experience in building sales networks, services for the sale of spare parts for cars, as well as the skills of financial planning, management of business processes and personnel played a role, however, when it comes to choosing a reliable partner who will ensure a successful market entry and stable dynamic development of the iconic German brand in the Odessa region, it was more than that.

At that time BMW in Odessa has not been submitted. Our colleagues who fought for the right to become an official dealer of the German auto giant in the region, and had experience in the field of car sales, and facilities for salon and service center, and let outdated, but the technical base.

At the beginning of the negotiations I have nothing but great desire and burning eyes — BMW was and remains for me the perfect car and the company with high business culture. MBA (IBR Institute of International Business Relations Steinbeis University Berlin), I was already in the process of working with BMW.

our source Tell us, how everything began, why did you pick on Your team?

Vyacheslav Kurmanov: From the first minute acquaintance with the philosophy of the company — felt a kindred soul: a business built on the trust of customers and partners, German perfectionism, attention to detail and people, I realized that I am driven by the same values and incredible driving pleasure and work with BMW. Trust Kiev and German colleagues gave a strong impetus to the development. Transparency and honesty in relations with customers, partners and employees of credo became the Foundation of emerald motors and allowed us to keep up with the trendsetter of the industry, embodying high standards of BMW in the restive Donetsk.

The official opening of the dealership: emerald motors 17 March 1999 marked the beginning of the development of the market of luxury cars, as well as market the southern region as a whole.

Since emerald motors Vyacheslav fully devoted himself to the development of the automobile business, the company has developed rapidly.

Sergei Masera Deputy Director of AWT Bavaria, to the early 2000s was responsible for finding new partners and building effective relationships with dealers. Importer when choosing a partner in the Odessa region has made a successful bet on similar to the BMW philosophy and the energy that drives the team Nurmanova. Young, sophisticated, active is compensated for lack of experience. Competitors of emerald were a larger company with the space and repair facility for the old sample, but ossified, and the Soviet mentality is not to retrain. It was easier to build from scratch and train young professionals. The key criteria in making the decision were a thorough knowledge of the region, experience in retail, burning eyes and unblinkered — the lack of Soviet mentality. Clean slate has its advantages.
Vyacheslav extensive contacts in the business community of the Odessa region also played an important role in the solution of the BMW Group. “Emerald motors” started with a small building of the cabin and the same modest one HUNDRED. The principal activities of the company at the turn of the XXI century was the sale of BMW cars, original parts and brand service. From the first days of work the team Nurmanova understood the responsibility that the company undertakes to the German concern, and therefore, responsibly, continues to implement high standards of dynamically developing BMW Group. Attitude to customers, high technical competence of the staff and passion for the brand BMW has become a serious Foundation for the growth and development of Odessa.

our source: In the beginning, before “emerald” the aim was to fall in love with Odessa in the BMW. What challenges did you face?

Vyacheslav Kurmanov: We were on the market when it was already regulated and “shared”. In 1999 in the premium segment worked successfully held on strong players — it sounded almost like a death sentence. Having no experience in car sales, we were able to prove to the importer, which will provide not only the necessary volume of sales, but will also be able to build the company in accordance with the principles of the BMW Group. Honest and open partnership is the second almost a sentence for the business of the turn of the 2000s in the CIS. In the post-Soviet business environment, it sounded so unreal, how ambitious. We were called “romantics” and had little faith in the project. However, emerald motors supported by the importer, we opened our first showroom and has entered a new and most difficult struggle is for the hearts of buyers.

our source: that Sounds like a beautiful story of an entrepreneur from Silicon valley, invented, made, and won millions…?

Vyacheslav Kurmanov: a Beautiful story? (laughs) I don’t know any cloudless business not only in Ukraine, but in the same Silicon valley. It refers, rather, to the way problems are perceived. For me the key point was teaching in the Executive MBA program, where 24 of the same managers, as I learned to perceive obstacles as challenges for further growth. Most happened. Maybe that’s why I still remember the last “disaster” with a sense of a experience.

Take, for example, the 2008-th year. Country for a long enough period faced a real crisis. Crisis, more like a natural disaster, when you go on the road and hit a dead end, because the earthquake destroyed the road itself. We have to look for another way. In such times people are thinking of saving business, not about changing the car. In some months we sold no more than 1-2 machines that this region is an absolute record.

This crisis has taught us a lot. We started better to count risks and to forecast demand, worked as a personnel issue, but most importantly, we learned another way to communicate with our customers. After 2008, we increased the quarterly presence of the showroom and brands on social networks have established other channels of communication with the audience.

Socially active brand received the appropriate communication environment. We managed to get closer to our customers and to contact them personally. As time has shown, this vector has become a major global policy BMW, and I’m glad that we began to develop quite early.

our source: BMW Group fosters relationships with its dealers?

Vyacheslav Kurmanov: In 2008, the “emerald motors” called for Key Segler (Dr. Kay Segler), which at the time was Vice President of the BMW. His visit was an important milestone in the development of the “emerald motors”: we feel the importance and priority support from the manufacturer. Dr. Segler over 27 years held senior positions in BMW and MINI, his experience, energy and a profound understanding of strategic management began to “emerald” an important stimulus for many years and inspired the team. Such meetings with the leadership of the group is very important for the growth of the company.

Our reference: “emerald motors” for many years ranked first in the absolute transmission of BMW and MINI cars to customers in Ukraine (the largest after the AWT Bavaria, BMW dealer in Ukraine), the Park sold to customers of BMW cars is more than 1700, 20% of customers come back for the next car in the “emerald motors” and more than 5000 drivers prefer BMW service center “emerald motors”. Interesting and the portrait of a buyer of BMW in the Odessa region: men and women share interest in Deutsche mark in the ratio of “Golden section”, namely 62% men and 38% women.

Milestones “emerald motors”:

1999 the basis of emerald motors
2003 construction of a new BMW auto center in Odessa
2005 opening of the BMW auto center — “emerald motors”
2009 official opening direction MINI
2011 opening of the direction BMW Motorrad
2013 opening conceptual city showroom BMW “emerald motors”

Valentine birch, Director General of the company “emerald motors”: As one of the key criteria for assessing the success of emerald motors — customer satisfaction, in 2016 was launched call-center, which allows the company to react instantly to questions from customers, to continuously improve service and to introduce new methods of service in accordance with the culture of the BMW Group.

Due to the fact that a cohesive team emerald develops, based on the values of BMW, and motivation of staff built on trust and performance of each employee, for several years the company holds the first place in the market of premium cars in the southern region, and among the clients of emerald motors a lot of public people, Forbes list of participants in Ukraine.

From mid-2017, together with representatives of the German company, we started working on preparation for the launch of the Odessa region program BMW Premium Selection program sales of used cars, provided the factory warranty.

Emerald motors is also planning to launch a new large-scale body area. In the future, in Odessa will have a new concept-the BMW center. The company plans — the allocation of motor-direction of BMW Motorrad in a separate showroom in Odessa, electric cars will be presented in a dedicated cabin. In the near future planned redesign of the showroom at Marshala Zhukova Prospekt, 2/1, and Odessa fans MINI in the near future also waiting for a separate compartment.

Today, in the state of emerald motors of more than 50 professionals. Many employees are working in the team since the Foundation. Although emerald motors is just one of 6000 dealerships of the BMW Group in 150 countries, it is the efficiency and professionalism of the staff along with the transparency and two-way trust between a company and its partners in accordance with the values of the BMW Group — has allowed BMW to take and hold a leading position in the Odessa region.

our source: Vyacheslav, and what car You chose for yourself?

Vyacheslav Kurmanov: the Choices of a businessman was due to the selection of a perfectionist. Prefer to deal with the best: only BMW gives me a sense of dynamics — you are constantly in motion, not just move from one point to another, and run your way to your destiny. That is why I prefer the BMW X5 in the performance of the M 50D. BMW — more than half my life.

our source: is There a recipe for success BMW in Odessa, which you could share?

Vyacheslav Kurmanov: the Recipe for success of BMW in Odessa are both easy and difficult to review, because it is formed in time, and the times are constantly changing. What will remain unchanged is the core values of the BMW Group: an honest and open partnership, plus perseverance and desire to find an approach to each customer. It is the value BMW has made Odessa one of the most dynamic markets for luxury cars in Ukraine, values and trust.

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