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The violator of the week: drunk! With a child! Without rights! Two accidents and four of the Protocol!

It happened Wednesday in the East of the capital. Against negligent mother drawn up under four articles of the administrative code.Elena Alekseeva


Men or women? You know who does more damage to the other drivers in the accident

February 5, the woman driving the Kia car, moving on the street of Metallurgists from novogireevskaya str. in the direction of the Free prospect, hit a worker, cleaning the roadway. He was taken to the hospital. However, the machine did not stop, but rather tried to flee the scene of an accident and drove into the oncoming lane, where it collided with another car, then left the scene and this incident. During investigation the police found the woman in the car in the yard in the clearance passage, said the Agency urban news “Moscow” in capital traffic police GU of the Ministry of interior.

She suggested to pass medical survey, and it was found that the woman was in an alcohol intoxication, besides, she had no rights, and at the time of accident in salon of the car was her two year old child who, fortunately, was not injured.

The police have made against the drunk citizen administrative protocols under four articles of the administrative code for driving drunk and without a driver’s license for leaving the scene of an accident, to which she became, for driving without insurance and driving without registration documents on the vehicle.

  • At the end of last year Moscow managed to get out of the car heavily drunk woman who could barely appreciate what was happening, he said that the car is not hers, she has no rights and she is “nothing”.

Photo: screenshot “Moskva24”

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